Why do 2021’s smartphones – like the Galaxy Note 21 – keep being delayed or canceled? By Asiegbu Daniel


This year 2021 has been a weird year for smartphones. Well, it’s been a weird year for a lot of things, but smartphones have been no exception, with a number of them being delayed, canceled or getting a limited launch due do one issue or other,The Samsung Galaxy Note 21 is the biggest casualty of the year in smartphones, as Samsung has now confirmed that it won’t be coming, but it’s not alone in not being present.


The OnePlus 9T is also rumored to be canceled (assuming it was ever planned), while the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has reportedly been delayed (but may also fail to launch), and the Google Pixel 5a is only confirmed to be launching in the US and Japan, rather than the world at large.So what’s going on?


“There are a number of factors at play, and some things we know for sure, while others we can take an educated guess at. Below then, we’ll explain broadly why many anticipated phones are likely arriving late – or not at all.”

Chipset shortages

When the pandemic is the obvious explanation for why so many phones are being delayed and canceled, it’s not the only or perhaps even biggest reason, with a global chipset shortage seemingly having had the most impact – though as noted above the pandemic contributed to this too.There are a whole load of reasons why there aren’t enough chipsets to go around – consumers have bought more consumer electronics than normal during the pandemic, with these devices all needing chipsets, while growing demand for cloud computing when people worked from home also played a role, and all the while chipset manufacturers were having to deal with shutdowns.


Other factors include the high demand for 5G phones, while sanctions against China haven’t helped the situation either. This chipset shortage is a problem that’s not just affecting phones but also computers, consoles and even cars.

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