when will igniter 100 be listed in stock market?

When will igniter 100 be listed on the stock exchange? if you are looking for when will igniter 100 list its shares on the stock exchange, luckily you are in the right place? In this post, I’m going to tell you when igniter 100 is going to list its share on the stock exchange. This is updated information from the CFO of solmax igniter 100.

More so we will throw more on what is solmax smg token, why. co, i200 update, is Coolmax legit or a scam? So continue to read and found out the best information about the i100 listing on the stock exchange in the Uk and the 2023 trip to Dubai and many more.

Firstly if you are an investor on i100, I will appreciate your patients and everything. I’m also an investor on i100 since 2017 when the company was launched, we have waited for up to 5 to 6 years but no result yet, which is not courageous to any investor out there. Some of my fellow investors, uplines, and downlines have given up and forgotten about this company because of delay and so many other things. Most of them collected loans to invest here but no result yet, which is unfair. That’s why our website advises any investor to invest what they can afford to risk.

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when will igniter 100 be listed in stock market?

After the current meeting with the CFO, he said the listing of igniter 100 will take take place any time from now (No specific date) and also he said they are working inside about the Smg token price, this includes ecosystems, which will enable the price of smg token to increase immensely. The smg token ecosystem includes dating sites, booking hotels, travelling, purchasing online, partnering with big companies like Etoro, and many more.

So listing of igniter 100 share in the stock exchange is unknown to any man except the CFO and their groups. Only them know what’s is happening in the company right now.”

What is solmax smg token price today?

Solmax group SMG token is a coin the company greater down other to add value to the platform, so that people can trade, use it to purchase online and so many other features. The coin was listed at $3 per smg token in 2020, when it was created. After that period crypto market begins to dip, likewise solmax smg token.

The current price of Smg token today  10 – sept- 2022 is $0.00006 to one smog token. So we are watching this coin to know what she’s up to.

Whyi.co information updated

Whyi.co is the current website of solmax group. All the shares of igniter 100 has been transferred to whyi.co. Currently the the whyi.co platform are giving promotion to Dubai drip in 2023 for those that qualify for it. Their would be cash prices and trip to Dubai for about 3days and many enjoyment that follows.


Ingiter 100 share listing today has not be officially announced. We are hoping to hear from the CFO. Subscribe to our website notification 🔔  to be updated immediately igniter 100 share has been listed in stock exchange.

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