What you need to know, before applying for adsense


It is a great feeling to blog online and 99% of people that are blogging are mostly blog in order to monetize their website and make cash from it.

According to research, adsense is one of the best way to monetize your website and there are important things you need to put in place before applying for adsense on your website in order to get quick approval. Many people think that a website must you reach up to three to four months before it is ready for approval, but it is not true. When you create your blog and do necessary things that are needed to do on your blog,follow adsense instruction,within a month if your website is up and going you can easily get adsense approval.

Now these are some things you need to put into consideration before applying for adsense .


You must post a great content on your blog a content that has quality, a content that can contribute a good information and effective information to the users of your website and again a long post or you should be able to write at least 500 words and up if your content is below 500 definitely it is no content. So if you write a valuable content that is very long then you are good to go in times of content.

Adult content

Adult content is another thing to consider when will talk of adult content a content that behaves anything like sex or a content that promotes violence all content that promote wrong information,hate to order website, these are adult content so you should try anything possible in order to avoid it on your blog site, avoid adult content ,content that promote violent or any scam information or how to hack.

No  content

Now you might not be able to get adsense approval when your website doesn’t have any content in it ,so you must at least write 8 to 10 post on your website before applying for Google adsense, because no content on your website could leads to disapproval from adsense.

Site Navigation

Your website should be easily to navigate to uses, because when your website is not easily to navigate it can also lead to disapproval. So let your website link should be very easy to access and very easy to move around your blog  site. So navigation is very important, this is one of the things to fix before applying for adsense.

Theme template

You must know that not all theme template except ads, so it is very important to research theme template that accept ads,because theme that could not accept ads, can leads  to adsense Disapproval on your website, even though your content is good ,your site can easily navigate and other things if they are good but  your theme is not good you might not be able to get adsense approval on your site.

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