What to do With Friends Who Never Like Your Post on Facebook,Instagram 2022

Do you have friends who never seem to like your posts? Here are a few things you can do to get them to engage more with your content.

No matter how many times you tell yourself it doesn’t matter, it can still hurt when someone never likes your posts or comments on them. No one wants to feel like no one cares about what they share online, and this can discourage people from posting content in the future.

If you want to get more engagement out of your posts and make more connections with your Facebook friends, try these tips!

Friends who never like your post
Friends who never like your post

How to make friends Like your post?

If your friends don’t like your post, relax after following this instruction below, your friends and everyone will like your post.

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1) Give Them Options

You might be sharing and posting too often. That’s not only annoying, but it means that people don’t feel as compelled to respond or comment if nothing is sticking out on any given post. Try giving people several options of where they could hit like so they feel involved in what you’re posting, whether that be an image, video, link or whatever else you share.

This will also give them some choices about how they want to interact with you. It also doesn’t hurt to ask people for their opinions—and listen! When someone responds, let them know you appreciate their input and feedback.

2) Invite Them Into The Conversation

When posting on social media, always ask yourself: Who could benefit from seeing what I’m saying right now? If you see one of your friends is active in a relevant thread, consider tagging or commenting on their post to involve them in an ongoing conversation around that post.

Your friend will be able to see that they were mentioned and come check out what you said, as well as reply themselves if they wish! This helps make sure your friend sees your updates and encourages them to interact with you more often.

3) Play (Yes, Play!) A Game Of Tag

You might be thinking, I don’t have time for games on social media! But playing a quick game of tag every once in a while is an easy way to break up your schedule and put some life into your followers’ feed.

They’ll appreciate getting away from all of those promotional posts, and you’ll enjoy breaking up your day while also creating some lasting memories with family and friends (and inspiring engagement).

We recommend taking turns posting photos of each other and then tagging one another so that everyone sees what they did during their turn. The result will be lots of likes and laughs—all while keeping your feed interesting!

4) Don’t Force It

The first thing we always tell people is don’t force it! If you think someone has seen or read something and they haven’t, then don’t follow up on it. You can text them if they haven’t said anything about it but that’s about as far as that should go!


Never expect everyone to like what you post, and always remember that they’re missing out on some really good stuff!

Being a little provocative and controversial (even if it’s just in jest) is a great way to make people pay attention, too! It may be tempting to always play it safe, but don’t settle for mediocrity when there’s something out there waiting for you — dare yourself and go for glory! Subscribe to our website email newsletter for the latest tips

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