What is Solmax SMG Token, price, prediction, how to buy & sell 2022

Solmax SMG Token is the Solmax group accepted coin.  As cryptocurrency is dominating the world, Solmax Group teamed up to create a token called Smg Token, Which means  (Solmax Group Token). They are building many Ecosystems that will help the Smg token to stand stronger and also help to increase the Solmax group token value.

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What is Solmax Group Token (SMG Token)?

Solmax Group Token is a coin that is built under the Eutheruem system (BEB20). With a large Ecosystem.  The Token has been listed on many Exchanges such as Bybit.com, Bilaxy.com, Catex.io, Fatbtc.com, kryptoexchange.com, exzbit, coinsbit, coincodex.

These are available exchanges in which the solmax token is listed and more are coming to be listed.

Smg token price
Smg token price

SMG Token Solmax price/value Today

Smg token price today is 0.0001 but under the 24hrs the price changes 2% up.  To check the current price of smg token now visit coinmarketcap.com, coincheckup.com, coingecko.  These are available sites where you can track the current price of smg tokens anytime.

Solmax Smg Token prediction

According to the CFO, they are building a strong ecosystem that will help the price of smg tokens to increase they promised to make it reach $1 before ending of 2023.

2023 prediction $1

2024 prediction $3

2025 prediction  $5

2026 prediction $6.5

2027 prediction $8

2029 prediction $10

2030 prediction $20

How do I sell my Coolmax Smg token?

You can sell your Smg token on fatbtc.com exchange, catex.io, and kryptoexchange.com. sign up to any of the coin exchanges, then move/transfer your smg token from smg. to the app or trust wallet app to the website, click on trade, choose rate, amount then sell.

What is the Loyalty point of Solmax group?

Loyalty point is your earnings on solmax igniter 200, you can withdraw it through smg token. Some of the people that requested a withdrawal on loyalty have gotten it in their wallet, and some will get it soon according to the company.

How do I withdraw the Loyalty point on Solmax

When you log in on your solmax igniter 200, go to your dashboard, Locate your wallet, copy your smg token address from smg. to app or trust wallet, paste it on your wallet and save now you can withdraw any time you want to withdraw.

What is solmax why.co?

Why.io is a new launch site that is under somlax group company. All the necessary information on igniter 100  has been moved to why.co. So after the company has finished paying i200 loyalty points, the site would be shut down and the company will only focus on whyi.co. Many features are in why.co such as educational programs, cryptocurrency, business, travel so many ecosystems that would help the Smg token value to increase.

Solmax igniter 100 Shares listing news today

According to the CFO, Everything concerning igniter 100 has been completed, the list will begin any moment from now, with no actual date. The Philippines issues have been settled. So let everyone relax and wait for the appointed day for a listing of Solmax shares.


Igniter 100 shares would pay. Smg token has a good ecosystem, so this is the best time to buy and hold for the future. Solmax group company has a great vision. Subscribe to our website push notifications to stay updated on solmax group news

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