What is AI marketing;Artificial intelligent Bot 2021


Al.marketing is an artificial inteligent bot that helps you to earn money on your cashback, A means Artificial why I means intelligent Bot.

As we can see that the world is growing most especially in  terms of technologies,Bot or Robot are a helping hand to reduce Human stress, even in trading market, Robot also helps advertisement to reach targeted audience,to make more sales in a company.

Because of  over 20,000 affiliations that  partners with this company,  AI.marketing Created a Bot which is known as AI.marketing (Artificial intelligent), which will help those companies to sale more of there product through the help of Al.marketing bot.High demand jobs in Brazil 2021; most comfortable best jobs in Brazil


  How to earn on AI marketing


AI marketing was launched in 2017, but they started full operation in 2019 it was registered in Hong Kong, they have over 20,000 affiliate partners,some are located In U.K.

Now for you to start earning on this organisation, you need to Register on AI marketing with the minimum deposit of  $10 every deposit you make on AI marketing, you get 35% return of the money you  actually deposited every 30days and the minimum withdrawal is also $10.

Artificial intelligent Bot helps you to earn  by picking up the amount you deposited to do advert on affiliation link,so any sales the bot made from advertising,you earn some dollars for yourself, after 30 days you can take your 35%  profit  and your main deposit, then you can reinvest if you actually wants to reinvest again.Break down of concept of solmax and igniter100, and igniter 200, based in U.K






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