UCA insurance Company: Top 7 Different ways your possessions can be insures

“UCA insurance: United Cooperative Assurance (UCA) a cooperative insurance company listed on Tadawul since May 2008 with a paid up capital of SAR 400 Million. The company started underwriting insurance business on 1st January, 2009.”

Since its foundation, UCA has appointed experienced staff with high technical capabilities to fulfill the immediate and future needs of their clients and having constantly anticipated the daily demand of new insurance coverage and making them available.

UCA still repeats the same story of success day after day presenting the same high standards of quality, service and integrity. UCA positions itself as one of the insurance industry leaders in the kingdom.

UCA insurance  specialist

Here are the areas of expertise in UCA insurance, they give you a quality service.such as;

Aviation, Medical Insurance, Energy, Trade Credit Insurance, Engineering, General Accident, Marine, Motor, and Property.

LewerMark students insurance

The Center for Global Learning and Engagement has partnered with the Lewer Agency to provide quality health insurance for Lewer’s students. For more information on this plan, please visit the UCA portal on LewerMark’s website, or continue on to this section of the our website. Students on this plan can see how to access their insurance card here.

Alternative insurance coverage: UCA insurance

International students can use alternate insurance plans if the plans meet the mandatory requirements and are approved by the Center for Global Learning and Engagement. Visit this page for more information on the mandatory requirements for alternate insurance plan. The plan must provide coverage year-round, including holidays and vacation periods. See below for the required coverage dates based on the first semester enrolled at UCA.

Students enrolled in the Fall semester must have health insurance coverage from August 1-December 31st.

  • Students enrolled in the Spring semester must have health insurance coverage from January 1- July 31st.

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Uca location and email

Saudi joint stock Co. Capital 400 million Saudi Riyal. UCA’s head quarter is located in Jeddah, KSA. Authorized to practice insurance and reinsurance activities in KSA by commercial registration number 4030179955. Licensed and regulated by Saudi Central Bank.

UCA insurance

Per UCA insurance Board Policy 635, all F-1 and J-1 international students are required to be covered by an approved health insurance plan year-round, including holidays and vacation periods.

UCA Board Policy 635: International students (non-resident aliens) will be charged on amount sufficient to cover mandatory health insurance coverage during their status as students at the university, inclusive of holiday and vacation periods.

“If you have any questions regarding health insurance, please contact us at intlinsurance@uca.edu”

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