Troy Investor Review: How to Make Money With

This post covers all the best explanation about TROY INVESTOR platform,such as what is TROY INVESTOR ,how does TROY INVESTOR works,how to make money daily on TROY INVESTOR,is TROY INVESTOR legit or scam,how to register and fund your account on TROY INVESTOR. So continue to read and find out more on how TROY INVESTOR works.

What is Troy Investor And how does it works?

TROY INVESTOR  is a wallet, which allows you to hold and stake Crypto Asset. Sadly most people think it’s one of those HYIP, where you invest and earn huge.

TROY is a multi dimensional business opportunity that offers a gateway to wealth creation in various lucrative industry such as; CRYPTO TRADING and Asset Management

It also allows you to perform other activities such as Staking a Crypto Asset over some period of time. Which in other words can be referred as Trading on the platform but note referal is not Compulsory…

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According to Troy Investor platform,the company has been existing for more 2 good year now. The image below shows the well organized road map and future plans of Troy Investor platform.

Troy Investor road map

Types of Troy Investor?

TROY INVESTOR has an ecosystem that comprises of four Component Area
1. Blockchain Infrastructure

2.Traditional Enterprises and Merchants


4. Exchanges and Trading Markets

How to make money on TROY INVESTOR?



✅ As an ADVISOR.

the difference between the two is that

An investor: deposit money or Crypto in the Troy Investor wallet and stake the asset and make profit daily depending on the number of days spent staking

An Advisor: on the other hand is an Investor who has decided to share his unique Trading ID with people (as in Referral) for them to join the platform and trade too

Now these two all earn but may not earn the same amount.

Check this caculation on $1000 investment

Troy Investor Trade Revenue Profit details for $1,000 investment

$ 05.00 X 10 Days = $     50
$ 07.50 X 10 Days = $     75
$ 10.00 X 20 Days = $   200
$ 15.00 X 20 Days = $   300
$ 20.00 X 30 Days = $   600
$ 25.00 X 30 Days = $   750
$ 30.00 X 40 Days = $ 1,200
$ 35.00 X 40 Days = $ 1,400

If you invest $1,000.. You could get Trade revenue profit of $4,575 in 200 Working Days. Average $22.8 USD Per Working Day.
Remember when You earn 300%, You Rebuy again… From this caculation it takes Only 160 days to earn 300% of your investment.

IS Troy Investor Legit or scam?

I Will not categorize Troy Investor platform a scam. Troy Investment platform is paying there members daily and the platform have not recorded of any scam event.

Tips about online investment platform like Troy investor

Whenever you are investing in any online business, always invest what you can afford to loose because most of the online investment platform doesn’t last.

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