Tower capital Review 2022: Login, Signup, App, Apk, Legit or a Scam? is a newly launched  Artificial Intelligent app ( Robot)  that helps the users to trade and make money from the app daily. It has a fixed earnings of about $2.48 daily.  Luckily in this post I will show you how the tower capital app works, how to register, login, activate and start making money daily from the comfort of your home.

More so we also our experts also reviewed if the app is legit or scam, how the company carry their activities, how trusted the app is and how to earn an extra cash from the app so continue to read and find the best information about the AI trading app.

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front.tower capital.Club Review: (Legit or Scam) is a new technology based on global funds and AI artificial intelligence technology, the intelligent quantitative algorithm will generate data encryption factors for each node in the chain and transform the exported global fund data into new trading decision factors.

After our current reviewed, there is no scam record found on the app, but the trust indexed of the app is low. So we advise everyone to invest what they can afford to risk on the app.

Tower capital app
Tower capital app

How does app works?

Through PB quantification and selected multiple factors, it performs turtle trading, cross-currency arbitrage analysis statistics, high-frequency trading such as grid disk spinning and trading, bilinear model, multi-level and multi-angle analysis on node data, based on a probability calculation, thus realizing a more secure and transparent, decentralized and efficient arbitrage asset management experience. Registration & Login

To register on the app, visit their websites at and signup, download their app. After you have signup, you can login and do the required verification and pass KYC. When all the verification is done you can start trading using app Robot and make money daily. Ecosystem

According to the company, below are the ways the company makes their income and the companies that are helping them to grow.

1、Artificial intelligence core platform: AI underlying platform, enterprise level, leading algorithms for quantitative trading, automatic machine learning, parameter optimization, and ultimate AI quantitative processing efficiency)

2, quantitative data: PB-level PB-level quantitative proprietary standard financial data + new investment big data, support a variety of data customization to meet different investment needs.

3, massive factor library: 20,000+ library base factors, AI support to mine more derivative factors, one step ahead of the ancestors, looking for more market opportunities.

4、Factor construction and analysis: Expression engine to build a diversified factor library, support comprehensive factor analysis, and find effective factors faster.

5、Visual development environment: Modular visual development environment, seamless integration with Python code version, improve efficiency strategy development.

6、Advanced optimization: super and search, portfolio optimization, rolling training and attribution analysis, custom equipped with high-end investors.

  1. High-frequency trading: computerized program trading, small changes in the spread between the bid and ask prices of funds, our “server farms” are placed very close to the computers of the exchange to shorten the distance that trading orders travel at the speed of light through fibre optic cables.

Conclusion Is an online trading app that trade for the users of the website. One’s you become an active member, the robot will begin to trade for you daily. Good luck. Always visit our website for more investment updates.

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