Top 5 most richest and popular town in Anambra state 2021


   Which town is the richest in Anambra state 2021?

It’s well known that Anambra state is one of the state in Nigeria that are endowed with a lot of natural resources,and this states has produced a lot of great industrial people  with great productions,popular town in Anambra.

So here we cover the top five richest  town in Anambra state,the light of the nation Nigeria


 Most interested and richest town in Anambra state 2021

1 . Nnewi town

This town is small but mighty town, many billionaires  and interlectual men and women are been raised from this particular town,such as Louis Odumegwu ojuchukwu,cletus Ibeto, Innocent chukwuma and many others.

This men has contributed alot in development and popularity of the town Nnewi,in terms of politics, industries and productions in Nigeria and world wild.

2 .Awka

This is the one of the richest town in Anambra state,and it’s the capital of the state.Basically Awka has developed economically, politically,job creation to its citizens and allot of quality development to the down which have helped the state at Large.

3. Onitsha

Currently Onitsha  have developed  to  the core. Most especially in terms of businesses, buying and selling, importation and  exportation around the world,this town has made many foreigners to base in Onitsha because of market research.

4. Ekwulobia

This is one of the richest state in Anambra, Ekwulobia has developed which makes alot of people love to make their as there residents,alot  interested things  like natural resources, hotels, companies etc.

5.  Ebenebe

This town mostly based on Agriculture, even the whole state had known Ebenebe at the centre of production of foods and crops, despite the town is very small, still they are still coming our very strong with there farm business.

This are the top five richest town in anambra state 2021, by the end of 2021 we will do analysis to know those that top in riches and development.

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