Top 5 best steps on how to plant aleo Vera: plantation,selling of seed and trees


Looking how to plant? Here I will show you easy steps to plant Aleo vera flower in your garden or House. How to plant is very simple,if you would follow my easy steps on how to plant.


Aloe Vera plant is the most widely sold succulent the world over. Yes, it’s true, this plant has been used for 1000’s of years and is still highly favored today. It’s a beneficial plant with purpose and is really easy to grow in your home and/or outdoors in the garden so stay tuned for care and growing tips.As you can see, Aloe vera grows in a rosette form as it ages. It does wonderfully in containers & I think it’s especially suited to terra cotta – it’s a great look.How to start Lucrative business in USA 2021

How to plant and grow Aleo Vera flower step by step water in there pump leaves

2. Soil mix.

3. Average home temperature.

4. Adequate prorogation

5.  Make use of insecticide (pest).

6. Light.



1.Store water in there pump leaves

Put your Aleo Vera leave in a opened container or pot ,it should be vertical.Aleo Vera needs to be water every 7-15 days depending how the weather is. Like here in Arkansas, I did mine the same way.


2 .soil mix

Make sure you’re using a good soil that is planneted in drains, to avoid any kind of root rot. The root of soil actually needed fresh oxygen, when they stay too wet they can’t respire.

3. Average home temperature

Aleo Vera temperature is sometimes 28 decree F. If you live in cold climate,make sure you take it indoor before the first freeze, in other to maintain average temperature.

4. Adequate prorogation

This is done by removing and dividing the offset,which grow out of there mother Shape. For instance when some flowers grow out of shape,you cut them so that they can regain there best shape. You can do it on Aleo Vera too.

5. Make use of insecticide (pest)


When growing Aleo Vera as house hold,it can be susceptible to mealybugs and  scale. Wipe it out by using alcohol mix in water, always check the leaves because they are always there.


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