Tips for starting a boudoir photography business in Seattle

Tips for starting a boudoir photography business in Seattle

Starting your own business can be one of the most rewarding and difficult experiences you’ll ever go through. For those in the Seattle area who are considering starting a boudoir photography business, here are some important tips to make sure you’re as successful as possible in this up-and-coming industry.

Who is your target market photography?

A boudoir photography shoot can be an incredibly fun, personal and exciting experience. However, if you aren’t careful with your target market, it can turn into something much more intimidating or awkward. As someone considering starting a career as a boudoir photographer, it’s important to understand who might enjoy these kinds of sessions and who you would want to photograph.

Taking the Quality Snap, steps to be a Best photographer

When are you most creative?

We’re different people at different times of day, so identifying when you’re most creative will help you decide what your best time to work is. Do you feel like you get your best work done before or after lunch? Are there parts of your job that leave you exhausted and don’t require as much mental energy, so it makes sense to complete them earlier in the day?

What’s your plan in boudoir photography?

Just because you love to take photos doesn’t mean you’re cut out to run your own business. Before you get started, do some research and decide on your plan of action: what will set you apart from other photographers, how much time will you be able to devote to running your own business and when do you want your client base and bookings to grow?

What type of studio space do you need in boudoir photography Seattle?

The most important thing you’ll need is space! If you’re just getting started, it can be helpful to do test-shoots in your own home or apartment. While it may not be as comfortable or glamorous as what you plan on providing your clients, shooting at home will let you get a feel for how long shoots take and help you start developing your own style without any overhead costs. Your clients will also appreciate being able to bring their significant others or children along if they’d like.

What camera should you buy for boudoir photography?

If you’re considering entering into boudoir photography, you probably don’t want to be spending thousands of dollars on equipment. Sure, it’s nice to have top-of-the-line lenses and lighting gear—but it’s not necessary right away.

Editing software recommendation – Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro is an incredible editing software that’s easy to learn and can help you improve your work. Over 3,500 businesses use Capture One, including Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Hasselblad. If you’re serious about photography and are looking to take your skills to another level, then it’s time to put Capture One Pro on your radar.

Checklist for starting your own studio in boudoir

In order to start your own studio, you’ll need to think about branding, location, and marketing; but first things first: equipment. There are three basic pieces of equipment you’ll need to get started with boudoir photography—but before that, be sure that you have insurance to cover your liability.


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