THE Top 5 best VPN to use in Nigeria:2021


Virtual private network (VPN)  is a piece of software that helps you to be anonymous online. It helps your device or laptops,Mac book to be entirely in another location, when you are not in that location,it helps to access any webpage without interruption of any kind.


Are you a newbie into Virtual private network (VPN), relax our blog post  covers all the information  you need to know about VPN and how it works perfectly.


I know some people’s online work has been hindered,they are unable to  do there work perfectly because of location barriers and sometime it not really location that matter,some decided to appear anonymous so that there IP address won’t be tracked.

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Best VPN service in Nigeria 2021


1.EXPRESS VPN- The best VPN provider world wide

Express VPN is the top 1 best VPN on the table list of VPN in the whole world. No vpn service can compete with express VPN,it has the best features as long as VPN server is concerned,it has SSS (SERIOUS SECURITY SMART),it has free trial for complete 30days and it’s very user friendly.


      Express VPN best features ever


1. Speed VPN server on 90 countries

2. Easy to run on mostly every countries in the world.

3. Top marks across the board

4. Live customer support always active

5. Enterprise level encryption.



2.NORDVPN- the biggest name in the business

Nord VPN works on many devices,such as iphone, Android, tablet, PC,mac  iOS , Mac book, laptops also has free 30days  trial as express vpn server, almost 60 countries In the world, there support service are always active 2/47.

Here are some best features you need to know about Nord VPN service

1. Very smart at unblocking.

2. Some good value in subscription

3. Nord Lynx is a great game changer.

4. User experience could be emproved.


3.hotspot shield vpn

One of the most fastest speed VPN,it works in all devices,such as mac book, pc, tablet, Android, iPhone and you can stream on any webpage such as YouTube, Netflix,Amazon, iPlayer etc without any interruption. Hotspot shield vpn days of trail is higher than other VPN,a good 45days free trial,is so much impressive.

     Features of hotspot shield VPN

1. Rapid connect speed

2. Excellent exclusive pricing

3. Mobile apps could be improved.


4.Surfshark vpn

Surfshark is one of the best vpn in terms of service,it work on window, Android,iphones,tablet,pc , Mac book, iOS etc. All streaming website is unlocked, such as YouTube , Netflix,Amazon, Hulu,30 days trial,2/47 support service , almost performing in 70 counties in the world,with there eye cashing price.


The best features of surfshark VPN

1. Countless device concerned

2. It has a good unblocking service covered

3. Many people dream VPN to use


5. Private internet access

Private internet access is a very strong vpn to use,it covered it all, with surprising work on many webpages,such as Amozon, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu,etc, working in 80 countries,30days free trial,with supper amazing VPN.

Here are the amazing features of private internet  best VPN

1. Too much server

2. Good value

3. No security audit.

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