The most cheapest Thing in The world

The Cheapest Thing in the World. Have you ever wondered what the cheapest thing in the world was? Probably not, but I’m going to tell you anyway! It’s ice water, and it costs only 1¢ per gallon when purchased in bulk. How much would it cost to fill your bathtub with ice water? Only about $0.06 – pretty cheap, right? But does it make sense to purchase ice water in bulk so that you can fill your bathtub at home? Not really – why spend money on something you can get virtually for free instead?

What’s so cheap?

It may seem impossible to spend less than five dollars on anything but think about this: a packet of gum or a can of soda. I know these items don’t necessarily count as necessities, but neither do something like napkins, tissues, shampoo, or soap.

These things are still cheap. You can buy them for one dollar or less at places like Dollar Tree and you don’t need to worry about that because they will last longer than you think and be reusable over and over again. It’s possible to have fun without spending too much money and saving time with activities such as puzzles, board games, colouring books, Legos, or even playing outside.
It’s not always necessary to go out for entertainment when there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself at home.

What can you do with it?

How would you like to have a whole new outfit for less than $5? All of the clothes in this section are meant to feel chic and luxurious, but since they’re also on sale, they don’t come with an astronomical price tag. And even if you’re looking for a more classic style, don’t worry; we’ve got those too.

We carry everything from women’s tops and bottoms to accessories so that no matter what your budget is, you can still look stylish. For example, we have these basic white tank tops that start at just $3.99. You can wear them as part of a layered outfit or underneath a dress-this is perfect for summer weather when it’s humid outside!

It teaches us something
You’re probably reading this because you can’t afford anything. Let me teach you something. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you, Money’s not important. They’ll say, Don’t worry about being rich. Money doesn’t buy happiness. They’re wrong. Happiness costs money. Satisfaction costs money too. Happiness is an emotion that only exists if we have what we want and feel safe pursuing it. I’m just a guy who knows that there are no shortcuts to life or happiness. If you want them, it will cost you your time and some of your hard-earned cash.

We shouldn’t take it for granted
Our breath is something that we take for granted until we don’t have it. When a person doesn’t breathe enough, it leads to decreased oxygen levels and, ultimately, death.

To prevent this from happening, someone should ask us if we’re okay now and then to see if our breathing slows down or stops altogether. We need to be reminded that breathing is just as important as anything else we do in life- without it, there would be no liveliness and without liveliness, there would be no hope for humanity.


It’s important to remember that, to some people, a coffee cup might be the cheapest thing in the world. So if you ever feel like you’re struggling too much, or just want to help someone else out, why not buy a homeless person a coffee? Even if it’s only once, they’ll remember and will forever be grateful.

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