The Concept of i100 Shares Update, Review,SMG token price full details

If you’re an investor on i100 shares, solmax group i200, Solmax SMG token and Luckily this post contains all the latest updates from the solmax group of companies and the CFO, such as igniter 100 shares update,i200 update, SMG token price update, withdrawal update and lattest update so continue to read to be updated about your investment.

In regards to i100 Shares and withdrawal

In regards to SMG 2 (i200)

  • All remaining loyalty points will be paid to everyone by 15th May. Members will recieve 10% loyalty everyday to complete all outstanding loyalty payments.
  • All loyalty points will be paid into loyalty cash wallet and the withdrawal limit will be removed in the loyalty cash wallet. By the following month all loyalty withdrawals will be paid in the SMG token.
  • The saving wallet will be moved to the open wallet and you can withdraw from the wallet by 15th May. You can withdraw in the SMG token.
  • The management have said that is vitally important that ALL members submit their withdrawals by 15th May.
  • Pending commissions in the E-Wallet can be used in the amount of 25% for package purchase or gift vouchers.
  • Future plans for allowing withdrawals from the pending e-wallet commissions will be shared in the companies launch event in July. Cash wallet from SMG can be withdrawn in the SMG token with no limits.
  • All pending USDT withdrawals will be cancelled and instead paid in the SMG token.

In regards to

  • Bonus wallet withdrawals and loyalty payouts for any packages purchased in Whyi are going out as normal.
  • Every 10 days in Whyi you can place a withdrawal. Loyalty payout withdrawals for Whyi packages will be paid every Saturday and Sunday.
  • Anyone who purchased a package in Whyi can withdraw in USDT and the SMG Token.

In regards to the SMG Token price and withdrawal

  • If you can not see your SMG Tokens in the app that may be due to the fact that the app is experiencing some technical difficulties.
  • The tokens are decentralised so they have not been lost or stolen.
  • If you click on recieve, you will be able to see the tokens. If that does not work for you then you can copy your private key and download Trust Wallet or Meta Mask and enter your private key and see your tokens.

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