The best way to protect your blog post from copying your content to other websites 2021


Protecting your website article makes your website to be unique, when your articles are written by yours. Using words  protection on your website makes it standard because they are your words.


Now I will show you few steps on how to protect your articles using  protection plugin on your WordPress site to protect new bloggers that always does copy and paste on there  blogsite. Copy and paste are always cause by laziness and lack of resewrer.

Steps to protect your website article from copying on WordPress site

Now this won’t take  you up to 5 minutes to get it done.

1. Now first of all you have to login on you your website.

2.Then click on dashboard and locate plugin. After you have located plugin, click plugin and click on add new shown on my screen shot.

3. Then it will lead you where to add the plugin,now search “WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click”  now search  it on the search box, in other to get it faster.

4. Then after you have found it, then click on install, after installation then click activate,now it will be activated.

Now you have successfully activated your “WP Content Copy Protection & No Right ClickGo back and visit your website you will see even you can’t copy your own post anymore.

So guys just follow the steps and protect your articles from stealing to other blog. But if you find someone stealing your content and you wanna reports the website, then see steps to do that.

5 easy steps on how to report a website that copies your website content 2021

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