Top 4 Best types of insurance industry/company in 2022

Insurance industry is meant to safeguard us, sometime it protect us from some unforseen circumstances that we can’t stop.sometime it’s very important to be protected most especially financially.

Having a best insurance plays a major role in your life , health, children and employment. Therefore there are four major insurance company that are important in your life and future as well.They are life, health, auto and long run disability”

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life insurance 1


Life insurance is the greatest. Why? Because should incase they find the person tomorrow and he/ she is no more,the life insurance will enables you to cover any dime that’s been spent on the person’s funeral plus if your children depends on your source of income,the company would also provide for them, what ever they need. hope you are getting the point? Honestly life insurance is the the greatest, according to the industry experts.

“According to a  2018 study by LIMRA, Life insurance and Market  Research Association,one in three families might not be able to meet ip with there day to day expenditures,within a month of primary breadwinners death”

Two basic of life insurance are Traditional whole life and Term long.

health InsurANCE 2

Even if you any your family are sick but no funds for medical treatment,but you built heathh insurance plan, you don’t need to panic, because you are covered already.

“According to a study  published by American Health journalist,in 2019 in the journal’s survey  of more than 900 American,who filled  for personal bankruptcy between 2013 and 2016 medical problems.

long term  disability cOverege 3

Most people think that this type of insurance company is not really necessary but it’s! Many employers offer both short term and long term disability insurance as  part of their benefits package.

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The cost of disability insurance is base on some factors, Which include age,life health. The average cost is1% to 3% of your annual salary.

auto insurance 4

According to the National highway safety Administration, there were 10.6million  car accident in 2020 in  U.S states. Estimated 200,000 people injured in road accident. The 2020 economic cost of Auto accident includes death and disabled ones.The high rate of Auto crash made every drivers to have Auto crash insurance,but if any one has accident and found with no  Auto insurance file,he will be charged.

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