The best genuine online investment app and website in Nigeria 2021


investment Apps and website that can give you some return when you  leverage on them and invest some money on it.Are you searching for a good investment site or apps, relax sonshinefx.comCovers all the details you need to know about the best  investment apps and website you need to know in Nigeria.


The best lattest investment apps in Nigeria  


1.FBN Edge :(First Bank privisipr)

The FBN Edge app is the First bank’s provision for enthusiasts who desire to invest in mutual funds. It allows for easy tracking of investment. The simplifies the whole process of making investments.

The FBN Edge give the ability to view balances in the real-time, view transaction history, make service requests, redeem funds from existing Mutual Fund accounts etc.Break down of concept of solmax and igniter100, and igniter 200, based in U.K

Here are the best features of FBN Edge



– Easy to use investment platform.

-Allows purchase and funding of top and existing mutual funds.

-Real-time balance.



It is designed to help you save your money and also make investments. It comes in as one of the easiest apps for managing your finances as a Nigerian.Its offers makes it possible for Nigerians to save and invest as low as 100 Naira daily, weekly, or monthly with a period plan.

Cowrywise Savings and investments are secured by Meristem Trustees Limited, registered with the Security and Exchange Commission(SEC).

Here are the best features of cowrywise app

– Seamless transfer of funds from banks and vice versa

– Numerous savings and investment plans
Minimum of three months for savings and investment

– Interest gain on savings.


3. The Trove App

The trove app allows people from different continents to invest on the app. It gives Nigerians access to investment opportunities in America, China, and Nigeria.

Investment on the trove app goes as low as 1000 Naira, which is way less than the 15,000 Naira mark on the Bamboo app.

Trove lets users invest in stocks, bonds, and lots more. All investments made can be seamlessly monitored within the app.

The Trove app comes packed with a 256-bit encryption system, as well as other security technologies geared towards protecting your cherished data from intruders.

Best features of the trove app

-Live quotes and charts for 4000+ financial instruments

-Technical Summary, Market Quotes, advanced charts, and more.

-Lets you make investments as low as 1000 Naira
A one-time fee of $5 is required to open a US brokerage account.


4. PiggyVest

The  PiggyVest is over the years grown to earn itself a place in the list of the highly recommended app for managing finances. They help individuals save money and also lets individuals earn interest in saving money for a particular time.

Plus allowing users from saving cash, Piggyvest also offers a system that allows people to invest in lucrative sectors to earn more cash.

According to  the introduction of the Investify system provides Piggyvest users with the ability to make investments with funds as low as ₦1,000. Piggyvest lets you invest in sectors like agriculture, real-estate, transportation, commercial papers, and lots more. This has made PiggyVest be on the list of best investment apps as long as Nigeria is concerned.

Best features of PiggyVest

Making money with as low as ₦1,000
earn nothing less than a 25% interest rate over your capital.

Earn interest on funds saved for a specific duration
Autosave feature: Piggyvest automatically deducts monthly or weekly savings money from your account.

Referral programs that offer ₦1,000 for referrals each.




The Nigeria is The platforms offer the opportunity for investors to invest in both foreign and local stocks. It joins the list of investment platforms that allows people to invest in agriculture. Allowing them to make money from agriculture without having to visit the farm

The platform lets investors invest in real estate, Eurobonds, Stocks, Treasury Bills etc.

It allow investors to invest as little as 10,000 Naira. Which in turn makes the investment a bit approachable for new comers.

Best features of

Multiple Investment Options
Flexible Payment and Withdrawal Options Bank-level Security

Minimum investment duration of 30 days
Offers a white-glove account feature that enables you to hand-over control to to make decisions for you.

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