Technology of the future and scientific evidence

Technology of the future

The best technology of the future will be determine between you and the scientists.

Find out leaked rumour about some lattest future technology update,that’s is about to be launch in different countries and regions, check out if  your country could be among them!

There’s a lot of news going around the internet about the best technology of the future in 21st century. Could it be the best technology ever! Check out the trending best  future technologies in the world right now.

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Technology near future list and examples

1. Self driving Auto mobile that can drive safer would be produce (A.I cars).

Artificial intelligence car would be make in nearby future. Due to high rate of car accident, Traffic, injuries and stress in driving a car,the Stamford bridge students brought the idea of making artificial intelligence car that can drive safer to any place of your choice.

Could this artificial intelligence car has limit or duration why driving it on daily basis? Well we will find out more information concerning this artificial intelligence car as it will make as soon as possible.

Technology of the future


2. Most of the current jobs,in the world will not exist again 

These is one of the near future technology Idea I found very innovative. We all know that the world is changing almost every day things are not how it was. This is the right time employers should teach there staff some basic skills in other to empower there staff to take the ownership of there developed skills.

Technology of the future

3. The IoT technology will change brand packaging and labeling

Rumour said by 2040 to 2050, it’s expected to do almost everything on internet. According to Forbes,IoT will mostly be electronics for product design.

4. Space tourism could be feasible 

Most space tourism could be feasible in near future technology,but some of the big Rocket launcher companies in the world, like Elon musk SpaceX and Jeff Bezos origin blue could push the envelope with space tourism.

5. Ocean thermal Energy can take us over 95% renewal energy 

Ocean thermal Energy is on of the largest thermal Energy in the world. It’s one of the best view constant energy.

Which will help on creating  an energy breakthrough by generating utility scale electricity through ocean thermal Energy conservation.

Technology of the future

 Technology synonyms, 2045

Using synonymous words than the rampant name is very important.Here are technology synonyms for your grammar.

Automation, Machinery,Michanization, Robotics, computer, telecommunications, Mechanics, Applied science, Information technologies, Engineering, Engineering science,Telematic, Technologies.




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