TCL 65-inch 5-Series 4K- UK,US review


SCREEN SIZE: 65-inches





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The TCL QLED TV came out with fantastic Features such as; connectivity technology: USB, Wi-fi, HMDI. supported internet service: Netflix, Hulus, Instant video, YouTube, Amazon, Gaming.

When searching for the best price TV in the market with amazing stunning pictures Display,the TCL QLED TV have the best viewing experience. The TV price is very affordable and it worth the price, unlike the Samsung QLED 75 inches TV.

The Features of internet service is what made the TCL QLED TV so unique and enjoyable after purchasing the TCL QLED TV,you will have the best viewing experience.

Reason to buy Reason not to buy
It has smart features no one

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Now I’m going to show you how the TV features work perfectly in all rounds. Here are the best features of TCL QLED TV:

Picture display




“With this features,you will have a great viewing experience of the TV.”


This tv makes a first good impression out of the box with the metal frame, the stand is made out of solid metal, and is solid. The screen quality is amazing, the darks are amazing even though it’s a QLED, and not a OLED, or MINI led, HDR10 looks amazing, but Dolby Vision is breathtaking, 4K is amazingly clear, and you can be far away from this tv, and see a difference, you can see a difference 2 feet away from the tv, and the experience from 2 feet away is great. I got the 50 inch though. The speakers are great for built in speakers.


Integration with a Sound Bar, fewer remotes – check, check again. I bought this with the advertised Alto 7.1 on Amazon and it works great with the ARC HDMI #4 input on the back of the TV. You have to use that specific input and my TCL automatically sensed it and sync’d to it. Now when you click the volume on your Roku TV Remote, it doesn’t do the built in audio volume, instead it raises/lowers the Soundbar volume – One Volume! This soundbar also comes with a subwoofer that wirelessly pairs with the bar so you plug in the soundbar to power, HDMI to TV, mount it on the wall, plug the subwoofer in to a lower outlet behind your entertainment center, set the subwoofer off to the side and you’re all set with very few wires. I would add that mounting the soundbar was pretty dang easy as it came with a life sized paper template to mark where you quickly drill molly sized holes, put in screws, and hang the sound bar. Minutes at most unless you’re like me and want to level the heck out of everything. Then a few more minutes.


Update: I got the Roku enhanced remote and paired it with the TV. No Issues and works great. No longer have to point the remote in the direction of the TV. In the meantime, the review of the TCL 5 series QLED is also out for anyone curious about the full review. I still have my color settings to max. For me, this TV was a nice purchase.

Conclusion part

Buying the TCL QLED TV would be fantastic as the TV will give you all the best features you have been looking for in a TV brand. Get it on Amazon and enjoy the best Technology features.

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