What is Solmax SMG Token, price, prediction, how to buy & sell 2022

Solmax SMG Token is the Solmax group accepted coin.¬† As cryptocurrency is dominating the world, Solmax Group teamed up to create a token called Smg Token, Which means¬† (Solmax Group Token). They are building many Ecosystems that will help the Smg token to stand stronger and also help to increase the Solmax group token value. … Read more

Break down of concept of solmax and igniter 100 shares,(whyi.co) and igniter 200, based in U.K

Solmax gtoup is a marketing company of igniter 100 shares.They both based in UK, the co-founder,director and COO of igniter100  is Florence , he’s from Israel ,but he base in UK. Solmax igniter 100  has been existing since 2017, this company has a great plan to its members and to the world at large. Solmax … Read more