Sony A80J 65 Inch TV: BRAVIA XR OLED 4K review UK, U.S


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THE SONY OLED Tv came out with a fantastic features. When looking for the best TV to buy, with quality features,then SONY OLED TV has an amazing best deal TV with good price.

Moreso, the best  features of the SONY OLED TV that you can not found in  LG OLED C1 series TV is the DST Digital surround;works with Google assistants,Dual actuator,audio production.

“When it comes to gaming and Netflix,the SONY OLED TV is the number one in viewing experience.”

The “OLED” Brand tv have good quality  Pictures and RESOLUTION “4k”  the TV  backlight is so fantastic when it comes to various video games.

This is not the type of TV one should skipped,as the SONY OLED TV has the best TV size in the market with quality contrasts ratio. It’s supported in  internet service such as Netflix,YouTube, Amazon, Google TV, instant video etc.

The 65-inches TV has a good suite in every part of your home after using the SONY TV, you will not go for any other TV brand than SONY OLED.

Reason to buy Reason not to buy
Best picture display
Supported on internet service

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The SONY OLED TV best features/details

This is the best features of the SONY OLED TV that would make you to go for it as the Features are so unique and quality. With this best Features, definitely,you will enjoy everything about the SONY OLED TV.







With this features, a quality TV brand is made. As it will provide you with the best viewing experience and you will discover a lot of things about their new updates.


This is the nicest TV I have ever owned personally. The price is reasonable for what’s on the market. The picture quality, color, sound, and ease/smoothness of operation are on point with it.

The A90J comes with a very cool light up and Silver Paneled remote, it’s the next model up. Everything is about the TV is great.

The Sony TV fits everyone space perfectly…love the flat stand, you can’t see the wires behind it, sits flush with tv stand.All the quality you expect from Sony, worth every penny;sound, remote, picture quality,its all excellent.


The Google TV experience is also great. Surprisingly, the voice search part is the best part of Google TV and I highly recommend you enable that feature for how dependable, smart and easy it is to find content with it. The only downside I’ll mention is that when watching Dolby Vision, Atmos content content on Disney Plus, when connected through eARC to my brand new Vizio Atmos surround sound system, there is audio drop out.

While blacks are truly black, and colors do pop, watching in Dolby Vision in a bright room during the day, really dims the picture. I tried the other modes (vivid, Dolby Vision Brighter) to no avail. Watching a regular cable channel is probably ok, in most cases, but not all. However, watching dark scenes in a movie is almost unusable. For this test I watched Star Wars: V The Empire Strikes Back, and watching the scenes on the icy planet Hoth is perfectly fine.


There are many possible adjustments to optimize imagery to accommodate room ambience. The sound bar was a pleasant surprise. I’m still planning on adding a soundbar, but it’s more to enable streaming WiFi music apps.

One of the more surprising, and quite frankly unexpected, features of this TV is the quality of speakers. I am using Sonos soundbar with a couple of satellite speakers for 5.1 surround sound, and did not expect to use the built-in speakers in the TV. However, after the initial setup, I played a few video clips from YouTube and was pleasantly surprised at the clarity and voice reproduction.


The audio quality is far and above what most televisions offer. I would, however, like to qualify this by saying my home theater consists of a Yamaha RX-V681 powering an entire suite of Klipsch speakers, including dual 12″ .2 subwoofers. So I won’t go so far as to say, forget the home theater speakers.At the end of the day, you still have the limits of a television as far as speakers goes. Here’s what I will say. If you don’t do “home theater” but are one of those folks that a sound bar is good enough for?

You could use this set without a sound bar, easily. The sound is that good, and will be fine for those that don’t demand full THX surround sound.


A remote is necessary as the only manual button controls are on the left side of the TV. Fortunately the TV can be controlled by the Google TV app or by the remote that comes with the TV (preferred).

Amazing picture quality! Sound built in is quite nice too. The remote control works just fine, but if you’re a night time TV viewer, the upgraded backlit remote would be useful (sold separately).

Bottom line

Going for the SONY OLED TV would be a great choice,as the TV has a good quality pictures, good model, Brand, resolution and best TV size.

Get it on Amazon and enjoy the best Technology features of the SONY OLED TV.

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