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Looking for how to login on solmax igniter 100, igniter 200 or Relax on this post I will guide you on how to login on any of this website without much stress. Read the instruction below to know how to login on solmax.

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ASolmax Login, login & more

As solmax igniter 100 is coming to an end, all the necessary information has been moved to the new website. So the solmax igniter 100 website is shot down, solmax igniter 200  will also be shut down after all the pending withdrawal has been successfully paid.


So if you want to login on solmax, all you have to do is to login on using your solmax email or username and password because all are the same thing. Now I will provide the link of all the website but the one that is function now is only website.

Solmax login
Solmax login


Solmax is the new website of solmax group every necessary information from igniter 100 and igniter 200 has been moved to,  including igniter 100 shares, shares bonus etc. After i200 jas been paid it will be shut down too.

Solmax group share price?

The solmax share price is still unknown to all the members. Solmax token is 0.00045 current exchange price. As they are planning to pay for the  solmax igniter 100 bonus, they can also list the solmax share price.

Solmax login i200: login:

Solmax login i100:

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