The best explanation of solmax igniter 200, ( SMG token price,loyalty points, igniter 100 exit plan,shares execution 2021

Solmax igniter 200 (i200) is fully launched. The company was launched with so many amazing features such as royalty point, SMG tokens, SMG academy, solmax international cruise and solmax physical and online business, it’s amazing.

Here you’ll get the best explanation you need to know about solmax igniter 200,how every features they came out with works. Now go through the Table of content, choose and read the best explanation of what you’re looking at.

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Igniter 100 exit plan

Update from Solmax CFO today,Going To ListSolmax Global Members

Start To Receive Agreements on i gniter 100 website,After Sign your agreement you will receive your loyalty after 28 Oct 2021

Saving option totally off 15% and 25% you will receive 100% bonus

System Will Totally Updated For All of you.All Management With CFO Abdul Rahman Sandhu Sahib Come in Dubai For Event in November. You are lucky to part of this Carrier plan.



1.What is igniter 200 and how it works.

2. List of i200 packages and  total earnings

3. What is i200 royalty point and how does it works

4.  How to convert your loyalty points to SMG tokens

5. What’s smg academy and how long does it last.

6. When I my going to receive the money on my savings account.

7. SMG token price prediction

8.How to qualify for solmax cruise 2022

9. After i200 what’s next


Now I will explain all  this table of contents for you for better understanding from first to last,and if in any way you didn’t still get it you can ask on comment box.


what is i200 and how it works (phase 2)



After the i100,(phase 1),the  igniter 200 was launched. SolMax group (igniter 200) are an established global online network and marketing company that promote educational packages to members across the globe through there SMG academy, which enables you to study over 200 courses in many languages.

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The most amazing part of it is, after you have studied the course,you will be giving an original certificate which enables you to work in any place or country,with your certificate.



Secondly solmax igniter 200 was launched with another amazing features, that will help us digitally in 21century.solmax group launched a coin which is known as SMG token.As crypto currency is dominating in this era, this amazing company has leverage on crypto currency space in  other to make their company to be more useful and brighter.


SMG royalty point is one of the amazing features this company has, which means your daily earnings in solmax group. I will talk the main benefits of this royalty point on this article and how you can trade it on some exchange such as bilaxy,coin market.

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Because of this company has came to stay, they introduced SMG savings account , which enables a member or an investor on this company to save  some money from his earnings, which he or she can withdraw in nearest future. Which you can convert to SMG token in nearby future and make a lot of money from it.This are most important things you can benefit from solmax group.


List of SMG packages and total earnings (85%)

Because of greater future solmax igniter 200 is planning for the members,they decided to give there member 85% of there daily earnings in the company,so that they can save more in the future. Here is the analysis on how solmax group packages and earnings goes. Note solmax igniter 200 earnings last for 175days, excluding weekends and it’s 85% for daily earnings for 175days.

igniter 200 packages and total return

smart package


Total earnings $43.73

Academy Credits: 5


Rookie package


Total earnings $87.50

Academy Credits: 10


Basic package


Total earnings $175.00

Academy Credits: 20


Starter package


Total earnings $437.50

AcademyCredits: 50

Executive package


Total earnings $875.00

Academy Credits: 100

premium package


Total earnings $1750.00

Academy Credits: 200

professional package


Total earnings $4375.00

Academy Credits: 500

Elite package


Total earnings $8750.00

Academy Credits: 1000

what is i200 loyalty points  and how does it work?

In i200 there are many features. Loyalty points is your  85% daily earnings which is withdrawable on daily basis. Loyalty points can be converted in SMG token. You can withdraw your loyalty points to your local bank account,or into some crypto currency address such as usdt,BTC, and Ethereum.

The minimus loyalty points to withdraw on i200 is $30 and it has days of withdrawal.

I200 loyalty points can be use to purchase investment package on SMG,it can be use to buy smg academy and and SMG token.

How to convert loyalty points to SMG tokens

Converting your loyalty points to SMG tokens is very easy. Now before you start converting, make sure you have downloaded the SMG.TO APP .Beceuse with out  the app you can not convert.


When you login on your the app, now copy the smg token address shown on screenshot,go to your i200 account and paste it.

When you login on i200.

You click on your loyalty points

And click on request withdrawal button

then select crpto and select

Add address you copied on app and summit.

Whenever you request for withdrawal,it will go to your app as smg token.


What is SMG academy?

SMG academy enables you to study the course of your choice, in different languages. Whenever you purchase a package on SMG, you will be given Academy credit which allows you to use these credits to enrol for any of our courses on our SMG Academy platform.

Immediately after you have completed and passed the course which you have chosen,you will be given an original certificate which you can use and work in any place, it’s a great opportunity.

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How long can SMG academy last?

Many questions have been asked before on how long the SMG academy can last before one can have his or her certificate.

Even in educational field,ever course has duration which one can study it before he or she will graduate.

So this is applicable to SMG academy,Some of the course can take months,why some would take years but not too many years depending the course which you have chosen to study on SMG academy.


When I my going to receive my money on savings account on i200?

As you are earning your loyalty points,which is 85%,then 15%  goes to your savings account. i200 made it clear to all investor that the money on your savings account on i200 will be withdrawable in 2years Time.

Now when this Time reaches, you will not only withdraw,you will convert it to SMG token,now when you convert to smg, you will definitely make a crazy money,reasons is because SMG tokens price will increase, now if you have like 10,000 on your savings account on i200, then in two years to come the price could probably hit $2.

Now when smg token hit $2 and you have 10,000 on your savings, definitely you are making $20,0000 so this i200 has more amazing features than i100.

What is SMG token price prediction ?

In crypto currency space,it requires analysis, risk, good information and patient,with this trick,you are good to go.

Smg token price prediction will be determined on how the token flows,how many holders and how many traders in the market.

The reason why SMG  (solmax group) summons it’s members to bring their business on the platform for advertising,is because of  SMG token price. When people begin to use smg token to buy goods, paying for hotel, booking flights, before in two years time this token could be over $10.

So the price prediction of smg token will be determined on how the token flows or circulate in the market. Meanwhile if you have any business that you can bring to make this come to reality do it because it will also promote your brand nationally and internationally.

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How to qualify for solmax cruise 2022(Dubai cruise)

This is one of the most amazing features on SMG. Because of pandemic last year,qualified members couldn’t go to Thailand cruise 2021,but every one was paid in pounds sterling.

Now  another cruise is available,which will be attending by next year 2022 in Dubai.

How do I qualify on this cruise?

Now to qualify on this Dubai trip, you need to take this as your business, when you take this as your business you will see downlines that  will enable you to qualify on it.

You only need $5000 on your left hand side and $5000 on your right hand side with this you will qualify on smg Dubai cruise 2022. remember to take this as your business by telling atleast 2  people everyday.


After i200 what’s next?

SolMax group started from 2017 with igniter100, i100 comes to an end in 2021. Then SMG launched igniter 200 in 2021 which is currently now,it can last for 2 to 3years before there project is done. So definitely after igniter 200 ,the solmax group will also launches igniter 300 by then this company will be among the top successful company in the world.

So SMG has come to stay they are not going so soon. This is the best opportunity to leverage on this great company, because it has been changing people’s lives everyday.

Hope you find this article helpful? Please let’s have a little discussion on our comment concerning  I 200. We can learn from each other from i200 so therefore your comments is highly needed and don’t forget to subscribe to our website in other to get notifications when we publish a new articles concerning i200 and solmax group.

And always return to  our website for more investment opportunities around the world that you can  leverage on.

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  1. Dear James Reece,i200 is never a scam. i200 will be more beneficial than i100 because they deals in crypto currency and crypto currency is dominating right now in the world.
    So just make more research before calling i200 a scam.

  2. Yes am very happy being with this company called solmax, and am giving all the glory to my heavenly father for his grace , what are mine saying , solmax is a legit business and a good company thank you

  3. Pls,I was told to register my children in i100 and my parents who are not computer literate. And also Activa their i200 and now the company has stopped multiple accounts. And on all the account is restriction. What do I do to rectify the issue of duplicated acco├╝nt.

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