Screenshot Method for use in virtual content of website

  1. Screenshot Method:- I believe Any tutoring on any blogsite that involves visual content in the article, 50% of the image are done by screenshot, it’s a way of making
    the viewers to easily understands the article. Learning this tips will make your visual content , which was screenshot to look very nice. Now this are some important things one need to  check before  you make  screenshot.They are; detect, Corp, backlight, cross check the Screen. Now if someone have done this four things, before taking a screenshot, I think your screenshot will look so good😙


There are some image,that if you wants to screenshot it, it will write “error the file size is invalid”, now to solve this, you need to detect by going to your screenshot settings, locate detect at the down side of the settings and click on detect. It will load , after the loading is done,it will write detected. Now you have to go back to the image you want to screenshot, click your screenshot again it will screenshot immediately.



when seeing an image that’s not clear on a website, I don’t find the article interesting, some website image can’t be seen, because they are lack light on the image,one thing you need to do before taking a screenshot is to increase your backlight, so that the pictures you want to screenshot can easily be seen without stressing the viewers. May be you might understand the image,but some of your viewers can’t understand,why the image are meant for them not you. So is very important to turn your backlight on so that your screenshot will be very clear and nice to see and understand.



To Corp an image is one thing you must learn, before uploading it on your website, many people forget to corp, why some don’t like to corp and after uploading an image on their website it looks very bad and scattered, everything on phone or laptop screen will show up, because your screenshot is not well organized or Corp,
When you corp, try to corp where you are showing the viewers, or you can circle it or put an arrow on the image for more understanding

Check the your home screen

Now before you take a good screenshot,
You need to cross check your home screen
Check if there’s anything apart from what
You want to screenshot
Because sometimes,
A massage from messenger can be on your screen, Ads Can be there,so before taking any screenshot, check your screen very well, in order to screenshot exactly what you want to screenshot.

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