Read News And Get Paid In Nigeria For Free: top 10 website to follow (2022)

If you’re looking for best website that you can read news and make money daily, luckily in this post I’m going to show you at least our top picked 8 legit website you can read news and make money for free in Nigeria from comfort of your home.

More so we also discussed how you can make more money from this website if you can implement this trick that I am going to show you in this post making money from this website will be easy for you, because you will be alot of money from them all.

What is online earning website?

Read news and get paid as the name implies,this are free to registration platform that you read news,share sponsored post refer people and make money daily. This is the type of website you make money and withdraw it without refering any single person on the website.(refferal is not compulsory).

Best Website to make money from 2022

Here are the top honest Website you can make money from daily from home.

1. Carry1st Trivia

Carry1st Trivia is a platform that you can answer questions and make money. It looks like a survey company that after doing a survey you make money from it and there questions are very simple because you’re the one that will choose the kind of questions you want. So Carry1st Trivia is a very legit and reliable Nigeria App that you answer questions and make money daily.

You can easily download it on playstore, register on the app and start making money daily from comfort of your home.

2. Scoopers News

Scoopers News is another very much reliable app that you read news and make money. Scoopers News app provides news according to your geographical area and to get the app doesn’t cost up to 7mb data. You can get it on play store register an account with them and start earning on daily basis.

3. ToPNews

Top news is another legit website that has been paying users for years. You read news and make money. Immediately you register for it, #200 will be given to you and you can also start referring everyone and increase your earnings. Referral is not compulsory.

4. Buzzbreak

This is another tested and trusted platform you read news and get paid daily from news websites such as BBC news, CNN, Al Jazeera,forbes etc. You can easily join them and make money why you read news than reading it for free.


Sellapp is a good app that you can do business by connecting with buyers and sellers around the world. This is a type of app that you can purchase or sell items like ; phones, laptop, computer, PS,cars, electronics etc. You can place what ever you want to sell and make money from it daily.

Our verdict

There’s alot of platform out there that can make you a huge money,but this 5 we picked out ,we found them so reliable to deal with. You can register on the platform for free and start making money, connecting with alot of people around Nigeria and worldwide.

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