The following activities are involved
1) Registration fee #2,500
2) Registration Bonus #1,000
3)Referal bonus #1,700
4)Indirect referral earnings #200
5)Daily click#450
7)Skills centre for learning a new skill

Tips to make money on PureNetwork Intel

Making money here is very easy. Relax and read these steps and make money daily from the platform.

  • To make money on the platform, you must do their daily activities
  • Share it with your five contact daily using your referral link
  • Open a group, add people and do a presentation on the group.
  • Share it on your social media handle you will get more people to register
  • Always be consistent with your business.

Pure network intel withdrawal

To withdraw on the platform doesn’t take up to 24hrs. Once you reach the withdrawal threshold, you can easily withdraw directly to your bank account.


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