how to connect PS4 controller on windows 10,Pc Bluetooth,pc via USB


Looking for the best way to use PS4 controller on windows 10? with this easy steps you can easily connect and use your PS4 controller on windows 10,pc Bluetooth, pc via USB flash drive safer.

It’s very fun and amazing to use  controller on PC games. If you’re newbie in using controller on windows games,after you finish reading  this best steps,you will enjoy using PS4 controller on windows or PC.

According to recent research on using PS4 controller on windows,Even PC purists who have sworn an oath to the traditional keyboard-and-mouse combo cannot deny its usefulness, especially when it comes to games when quick responses and fast movements are necessary. Since figuring out how to connect a PS4 DualShock 4 controller to PC is a pain-free process – you just need the controller itself, a Windows or Mac PC, and an available USB port (or your computer’s Bluetooth or a Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock USB Wireless Adaptor dongle, if you prefer to go wireless). Let us show you how.


Steps to use PS4 controller on windows 10 PC games set

1. Download DS4 Widows on there website 

PS4 controller on windows 10

Visit DS4 Widows website on your browser to download DS4 Widows. It’s one of the tools that makes your PS4 controller to work very smoothly,Download DS4Windows,While using the PS4 DualShock 4 controller on your PC is pretty simple, it’s not quite plug-and-play, as you’ll need to install an additional piece of software to get it working on your PC.

The software is called DS4Windows, and it makes connecting the PS4 controller to your PC incredibly simple. It basically fools your PC into thinking the connected DualShock 4 is an Xbox 360 controller, which is supported in Windows.

To get it from the DS4Windows website just download the latest build from the GitHub page.

2. Extraction and installation of DS4Windows 

PS4 controller on windows 10

Locate the downloaded zip file, right click on it and select extract all. A widow will Pop up to ask where you want to extract it you can go ahead and choose folder where you downloaded the file from or you can choose other folder.

 Now once it have been extracted,the destination folder will open,you will see two files one is DS4Widows.exe,is a program that will keep the DS4widows program updated,with latest drivers.

3. Set up DS4 widows 

PS4 controller on windows 10

If it’s your first time launching DS4 widows, you will be ask where you want your details to be save, information like profile and settings. In this case, use “Appdata”  for saving all the information.

After you have selected Appdata, a new window will open, click the DS4 driver’s to enable you to use the PS4 Dual shock controller on windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10.


How to set up PS4 controller on windows via Bluetooth

Connecting your PS4 controller via Bluetooth is super amazing with great features. It enables you to use wireless gaming controller.

The PS4 Daulshock 4 controller uses Bluetooth, so you need have PC or laptop that has Bluetooth reciever built.

But if it doesn’t work, you can buy Bluetooth USB tangle such as Tiny USB 2.0 Bluetooth, mini wireless adapter. You can can get it at cheap rate just $4.50,AU$6.40.

To connect it Via Bluetooth, long press and hold the central Ps button and share button 3 seconds until the light bar at the right side on the controller starts to flash light.

“Next open up the settings on your PC. In widow 10 click on speeach Bublé icons in the task bar in the bottom right corner of your screen. This opens up the actioncenter, from there click Bluetooth and select wireless controller.

 How to connect PS4 controller on windows, laptop,pc via USB

You can  connect your PS4 controller via USB in two ways, either by USB or Bluetooth.

To connect PS4 controller on PC to usb cable, you just need regular USB cable.plugged it into the Dual shock controller and your pc, windows should detect It and you will be ready to play pc windows games with PS4 controller.Incase you are told to put code,try 0000. It will start connecting to your PC.

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