PayPal keep Asking to link Card: 7 Reasons & Solution

If you’re using PayPal to process your transactions, you may notice that it asks you to link your card even when you already have. Ask yourself why PayPal keeps asking to link my card? Take a look at this guide, and you’ll be able to understand why this happens and how to fix it right away!

When this happens on Android

Go into PayPal and remove your linked card. 2. Log out of PayPal. 3. Restart the phone (just tap restart in your power menu). 4. Set up a new password and log in with a different username (something you’ve never used before). 5. Re-add your card. 6. Re-set up fingerprint login (if you have it enabled). 7. Re-enable Android Pay if it was disabled after adding your new PayPal account info. 8. If none of that works, uninstall and reinstall PayPal from Google Play Store, then follow the steps above again!

When it happens on iOS:

1. Go into Settings > Your Name > Payment Methods > Add or Remove Credit Cards 2. Delete any credit cards associated with your old account 3. Delete old account 4. Create a new account using a different email address than you used for your previous account 5. Disable Fingerprint Login for now so that it doesn’t ask for Touch ID every time you open PayPal 6. Turn off Touch ID 7. Set up a new password and log in with a different username (something you’ve never used before) 8. Re-add your card 9. Open Touch ID settings 10. Enrol finger 11. Enable Fingerprint Login 12. Restart Phone 13. Open PayPal 14. See if it still asks for Touch ID 15. If not, enable Fingerprint Login 16. Enjoy!

Link PayPal card
PayPal card linked

When this happens on Samsung galaxy

If you have multiple accounts on your iPhone or iPad, that’s probably why PayPal keeps asking you to link your card. Just follow these simple steps and it’ll only take a few minutes. Once it’s set up, you can use your credit card without having to log in and re-link every time.

Paypal keeps asking to link a new card

If you’re looking for an answer to why PayPal keeps asking me to link a new card, look no further. PayPal is pushing users who may not need two-factor authentication on their account, but they will take advantage of it without even knowing. If you haven’t been using your PayPal account recently and don’t plan on using it soon, it’s a good idea to close your account if you don’t want them holding onto more information than needed about you.

PayPal keeps asking me to link card (Reason & solutions)

At least once a week, I get an email from Paypal asking me to link my debit card. This can be annoying if you’re like me and try not to keep your cards on file anywhere. Since it won’t stop bugging me until I do, here are some solutions. First of all, if you haven’t already linked your card with PayPal, then don’t worry because it won’t prevent you from doing that anyway.

Checking your card details with PayPal

First, check your PayPal account. If you haven’t set up PayPal’s auto-withdrawal feature (or linked a debit card), you can log in, click on Profile and then under My Money click on My preapproved payments. When you get there, make sure there are no withdrawals pending. You can also cancel any withdrawals if they do appear.

How to change your bank information

First, log into your PayPal account. You should be on your Account Overview page—click Wallet in the left sidebar. On that same page, you’ll see a section titled Linked Accounts—this is where you’ll see all of your linked accounts.

How to reset your password in case you forgot it

The first step for resetting your password is logging into your PayPal account. If you can’t remember your password, use our Lost Password page and we’ll send you a link in an email that will allow you to change it.

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