Opay investment platform, registration, review and login 2021


Opay investment platform is not a legit platform. Many people have been asking about opay and how it works. Opay is not real,it doesn’t pay, don’t get encourage on the alert they’re sending in some telegram group is totally scam.

Opay investment platform

Opay investment platform: is it real?

All those testimonies are fake, it’s program work and multiple telegram account. I chat with up to 30 people that claimed they just got paid, just 3 replied me and they cleared their chat history and blocked me after I paid the money. That’s why if you search the name on telegram you won’t find it because they go to groups; trading, ponzi, MLM and other projects to go get people their and add them in their scam group.
One funniest thing I noticed and i asked the admin was that; their highest investment is 500k and ROI is 50%. If one invest that money he his getting back 750k but I saw fake alert testimony of 900k. Check the image below

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Recommended real investment platform:

Break down of concept of solmax and igniter 100 shares, and igniter 200, based in U.K


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