Best selling strategies to make oil perfume for business marketers 2022

Looking for the best way to make a lasting oil perfume? On this post I will guide you on how to make the quality oil perfume, including how to sell, and also how to make oil perfume from comfort of your home.

So just use your time to read this guide on how to make a quality oil perfume in Nigeria.

Making oil perfume is not hard as you think,and most of our Website visitors has used this steps to make there oil perfume and they also gives alot of valuable feedback on our comment box. 


Oil perfume business in Nigeria 

Oil Perfume business is not a season Business,so therefore you can make your perfume and sell it at  any giving time. Perfume business is one of the rising profitable business right now in Nigeria, most especially the oil perfume,some people call it raw perfume. So that’s why Iake this post so you can learn how to make the quality oil perfume in Nigeria.


What you need to know about Oil Perfume: Oil perfume is extracted from the different tree, shrubs,or flowers which are later used to produce the final product, perfume.

How to make the quality oil perfume

Oil perfume is very effective, because it last longer,it can also be used in production of other products such as air freshener,soap,klin and other products,so it’s important to learn how to make the quality Oil Perfume in Nigeria so you can begin to sell to the needs.

How to make oil perfume in Nigeria from home

Making oil perfume from comfort of your home is very nice, because it enables you to save funds,you will feel relax when making it,it gives you the opportunity to make it at your own time and also it gives you a relaxed at atmosphere and yours will be totally different from the market own because you give it what it requires on how to make the quality oil perfume in Nigeria.

How to make the quality oil perfume in Nigeria: The requirements to make oil perfume

As you know making perfume requires mixing of elements. Always use any of the ingredients with right proportion. And you need to master how to make the quality oil perfume from home before taking to the market always show your friends to check it out and used it then there feedback will let you  know what steps to take.

Oil perfume ingredients

The elements use in making perfume will be determined from the quantity of perfume you want to produce,you need to know how many bottles of perfume you’re planning to make before using the ingredients.

Here are the list of best ingredients for making the quality oil perfume.

  • Alcohol
  • Water
  • Funnel
  • Leaves
  • Fruit
  • Based oil
  • Sodium nitrate
  • Spices
  • Assorted roots
  • Glass or new/reused bottle
  • Measuring cups or spoon
  • Resins
  • Benzene
  • Stripes of paper
  • Essential oils
  • Pure enthyl

Ingredients for one litre perfume production


  • Fragrance 500mls
  • Methanol 500mls
  • Methanol 3 pieces
  • Propylene to taste or desired
  • Water optional
  • If you cannot afford 500mls you can use 300mls. Fragrance oil is syndethic and less expensive than essential oils.

Final stage of perfume production

Once you have gotten all the necessary things for making your perfume,now you can start your production with this easy steps.

  • Start by adding a base oil into a bottle
  • Add some essential oils
  • Stir the mixture together make it cohesive
  • Add alcohol into your mixture of base and essential oils, shake very well and allow it to rest for 2days
  • After 2-3days,add distilled water into the mixture.
  • Allow it to stay for about 3 weeks in other to achieve the desired outcome
  • Then finally package your perfume for sale or use.

How to market your perfume and make sales.

I hope you already learnt how to make the quality oil perfume,if yes you can easily share your thoughts on our comment box.

Now let’s proceed by telling you how to make big sales from the perfume, because production with out knowing how to make sales doesn’t make sense. Here are the sales strategies you have to apply to sale your perfume.

  • Get a Brand Name: Having a  nice brand name for your business is very essential. It’s very amazing to have a brand name that defined your products.
  • Get a logo: Getting a logo for your brand is very important, because it makes your business to look official plus when ever your customers sees your products they will recognise it by your business logo.
  • Get a good design: Design and packaging is one of the amazing strategies to Make a good sales in your business. People always go for attractive and well designed products,so always make your products to look good in order to attract more customers.

After getting all this available then you’re good to go. You can create social media handle pages like Facebook pages, Instagram pages, twitter page and a website,you can also get more customers and sales from there.

  • Advertising: As a new product, people haven’t known about it,the best strategy to let people know about your brand is by placing advert on your brand so that it will be well known by the poeple.
  • put your products for sale: letting people know about the perfume is good. E.g marketing it around your environment,or work place, or in the school, using low price for start up so that you can attract more audience and real customers.

How to make the quality oil perfume

Now I believe that I have given you the necessary information you need on how to make the quality oil perfume in Nigeria and also how to make a good sales by getting a brand name, Logos, design, packaging, advertising etc. Now follow my step and good luck.🤗


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