New Google pixel buds,could be cheaper than the apple air pods


Many news has been going on,concerning the Google pixel buds and apple air pods.

So many people have been saying that this particular http://Google pixel bods will be cheaper than the Apple air pods and it will be the best alternative to  the Apple air pods… Do you think so? 😊

According to the 9to5Google, the new wireless airbud will be called Google Pixel, which will be launched in mid  of 2021.

previously we have had a report that this Google Pixel report will be launched in April ,then after it, they will also launch pixel phone on June 2021. The new pixel Pods maybe cheaper because the previous one was a bit cost, think it cost about 179 dollars, 179 euro 220AUS$ etc etc.

Meanwhile the new Google buds pixel has a lot of features and also it is friendly to the user’s and the price is very cheap.

  How would this Google Pixel boss looks like

According to information Google stated that this pixel bods will be in two different colours, which is white colour and green colour as well, now everything that concerns the white colour both the interior part of it, will be white completely, this is also applicable to the black ones as well and they will attach torch in it so you can use it to shift in terms of playing your music with it,this is also applicable to the black ones as well.

Which improvement do you think will be suitable for this new Google pixel buds , then in all 20- 20 …the  earbuds has some weakness in it, like the battery doesn’t last longer it only last about two hours highest after charged I think they need to improve on that side basically. In order to satisfy audience want .At least let them improve the battery of this new GooglePixelbuds  5-8 hours will be good.

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