MUFC Football Betting platform review

MUFC is an entertainment football investment company headquartered in Manchester, UK. Registered as CFC “Chelsea Football Club P.L.C. The platform is absolutely safe and stable and with a strong background. Company certified by and legally recognized in the UK and has an official branch in Nigeria, registered under “The Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission”. They have 35 million customers in 200 countries and largest investment station in the UK.

The net value of the company is £2.39 billion and €469 million in annual income. Along with financial activities, MUFC holds charity campaigns, and friendly matches in Lagos investing in football stadiums and infrastructure in Nigeria.

However, there are several suspicious and scammer companies in the market trying to copy their business and impersonate themselves as CFC.

(Among all of them, companies Football is” which gambling platform, which has nothing to do with us and is not connected with our activities. All our financial operations activities are absolutely safe)

How does MUFC Football works?

Matches per a day daily profit 7 to 10% .Great rewards and affiliate commissions 100% capital insurance for investors 0% risk. Very fast and easy transaction processes…Security and stability and long-term investmentIt works exactly like CFCMinimum withdrawal is ₦1,000Minimum deposit is ₦3,0005% withdrawal charges Promotion Reward.

Refer 3 people – Get 7k

Refer 11 people – Get 26k

Refer 28 people – Get 66k

Refer 55 people – Get 100k

Refer 77 people – Get 200k

Reward is received automatically*✌️ 💃

When did Mufc football was launched?

MUFC was launched on 26th April, 2022

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