LG OLED C1 Series 65” Review (June 2022 U.k)


SCREEN SIZE: 65-inches


SMART TECH: Alexa built-in


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The LG OLED C1 Series 65 has Alexa built-in. When looking for best price TV, with amazing features,then the LG OLED C1 has the best price deal in the market.LG OLEDC1 produces quality TV pictures,brightness,best sound bar,and improvements in OLED display.

What made LG OLED C1 so different from other TVs in the market is the self-lit pixel. The TV pixels improved the OLED technology Display quality, which enables you to have the best viewing experience. 5 Reasons to choose LG OLED C1 as your first choice is that they have best design TV, speed responsive Gaming features,sharp pictures for movie,slim design for lifestyle, and smooth motion features for sports.

Best unique features of LG OLED C1 that would make you to go for this TV is that it came out with Dolby vision, filmmaker mode,magic explorer, HLG and HDR10. Before going to the the individual Features details, let’s check the pros and cons of the LG OLED C1.

Reason to buy Reason not to buy
Best picture quality display weather might affect the picture
Best smart features of Alexa built-in the backlight is slow

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The LG OLED C1 has all the features, looking at it you will find out that the LG OLED C1 has the best smart TV features which we give you the best TV viewing experience. We will discuss the TV features, individually on the next paragraph.


LG OLED C1 came out with Fantastic Quality picture, which enables the TV view to make more sense when streaming on Netflix, Hulus, Instant video, YouTube, gaming, Amazon etc.

Also, the processor in this TV and a 120 Hz Refresh Rate is incredibly fast. When playing Call of Duty on  PS5 on this TV, the refresh rate will improved your gaming skills.After using the LG OLED C1 TV, you will never buy another TV under 120 Hz from now on. It’s also the thinnest TV I’ve ever seen in person.

The picture is stunning. The features are great. The built in sound is surprisingly good.

Everything you run through this thing – from games to movies to streaming videos – looks noticeably better than they ever have.


The LG OLED C1 Series has a great designs ,with best colours. This TV is fantastic,yes the price is a bit high but totally worth it, playing games or watching movies on 4k it’s so awesome and the magic remote makes switching through apps and video output a breeze. It’s a great piece of technology and it’s design it’s beautiful.

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It has the modern viewing experience. The TV boosts a great refresh rate.Basically, the picture quality is great, the colour depth (especially, as is OLED’s wont, darker and black colours) is fantastic, and “being able to broadcast YouTube to the TV from your phones” is about as deep as you want to get into the Internet of Things ecosystem but even that’s, like, mind blowingly nice to have LG OLED TV.


This OLED TV Dolby vision and Xbox series is so superb which plays great roles when gaming or streaming online. The OLED Dolby vision will fully meet up with your expectations.

Amazing, the TV works great but make sure you have a HDMI 2.1 cable ,you can use this cable run into input 1. I have my system hidden in a closet and have a long run. This cable works flawlessly for long HDMI 2.1 runs.
The TV automatically determined it was a Xbox and put gaming mode on with VRR / Dolby Vision /etc.Using a Rting site to get advise on tuning the TV settings for gaming and then using Xbox TV tuning, COD BO Cold War looks amazing with no more tearing.

All the streaming services look amazing after using Rting site for tuning (with some changes to make YTTV a little crisper; I do not pay for YTTV 4K)
“I do pay for Netflix 4K and it looks amazing .LG App setup was great when comparing the Samsung Smart TV App setup i like the landing page with the apps.


TV sounds great with its built in, downward firing speakers, but I do have it connected to a sound bar, I was extremely surprised with the quality of the TV speakers despite the TV being INCREDIBLY thin.

Every time I look at it, the picture still blows me away. It is a window to another world.

Watching Avatar or Star Wars, or any other major box office film is a brand new experience on this TV! When I say this is the best picture quality I’ve ever seen, it isn’t an overstatement or exaggeration. This TV has such a beautiful contrast, vivid colors, no motion blur, no gray blur in dark scenes, it’s incredible! Sound quality is great too and works great with my old Samsung sound bar.


I have wanted a OLED ever since they came out. I am a tech geek. I like nice things. I like a premium experience. I really don’t watch much TV so I really never bit the bullet until now. I am in a better position to make the purchase so I went with it. I ended up going with the 65″. I’ve wanted one for at least a year.

This TV has best smart features in remote control, software/Layout which makes everything so easy to operate.


Software is incredible. Layout is easy to learn and easy to use. Definitely a good experience. Software seems to be updated pretty frequently too. Already had two updates within a week. Pretty straight forward there. I like that it automatically puts names on the inputs for me. (Sony soundbar/Xbox). There’s tons of apps on the TV and they make it so easy to use.


Remote is good. Feels alright in the hand. Using the remote to move around and click things is kind of annoying so I generally just use the up/down/left/right on the remote instead to select things. The back is piano black so I suspect that the remote will scratch easy. Not a big deal. I really like that the remote has buttons for the top platforms I use to watch movies. Netflix and Prime video buttons right at your fingertips is awesome.

Viewing Experience:

All content on this TV looks great – regardless if the content is SD/HD/4K/UHD/HDR. I mainly use this TV for Movies and 4k Gaming on the Xbox Series X. Content on the Series S was even really great for being upscaled as well before I got the X. It looked really good. I play mostly Sports games and RPG’s (like assassins’ creed). I really can’t put it to words how great 4k looks on the tv. Everything is just so crisp and clean looking. The Last Dance was the first movie/show I watched on it. You can see the pores on MJ’s face when he’s speaking. It’s pretty insane. The TV just works so well on all platforms.


There’s a lot of customization on the TV which I like. I love making the viewing experience that much better to get that last 5% to put the finishing touches on the TV. You really don’t have to do much to make it look good but for gaming I like the screen to be a warmer hue so it’s easier on the eyes. The G-Sync built into the TV works great – no screen tears or nothing. I generally turn off the AI settings and just put into cinema/filmmaker mode when I’m watching a movie.

“The smart features work great – only downside (according to my wife) is it doesn’t support the Hallmark App or her Beach Body on demand app (whoopdy doo?) – this TV isn’t for Christmas movies or working out, it’s for an at home, cinema experience like no other”!


This post has provided a best LG OLED C1 TV review. You don’t need any other information or research because we almost reviewed all the basic information about this TV. Now you have to choose your best size, colour and get on Amazon to enjoy the best Technology features of this TV.

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