Is this the best 55-inch OLED TV out there?


The Panasonic TV has long had a reputation for exceptional OLED TVs – helped by its use of a custom Master HDR Professional Edition panel that elevates the brightness usually possible on an OLED screen”


But this year’s iteration doesn’t change much in that sense – last year’s HZ2000 had effectively the same panel and brightness output – but the continued excellence of Panasonic’s flagship screens, alongside the tweaks and improvements that have come to the JZ2000’s connectivity and audio output, could make it a shoe-in for the best 55-inch OLED TV so far.

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That’s high praise indeed, in a year which has seen the LG G1 – a Gallery Series screen that similarly ups the brightness compared to run-of-the-mill OLED displays – or the Sony A90J that marked the TV maker’s best screen since 2019’s Sony A9G”

while all these screens share excellent picture quality and processing, with high-spec chipsets powering the deep black, infinite contrast and all-round dynamism of OLED panels – all of which, we should remember, come from the same supplier (LG Display) – the JZ2000 has an edge in just how much audio power it packs into a single screen’s built-in speakers.

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