Intel Core i9-9980XE Extreme Edition Processor-U.K,U.S REVIEW





CPU MODEL: i9 core




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The Intel Core i9-9980x desktop processor and the x299 Chipset deliver the ultimate creator PC platform. Thermal solution not included in the box. Only compatible with x299 Chipset based motherboard.

The Intel processor CPU socket and speed features is so wonderful when editing videos, gaming, streaming Etc. Which enables you to have best editing experience after using the Intel core processor.

The product dimensions of the processor is stunning, including the weight, Intel processor have a price range,and it worth it. There’s alot of amazing features which you can not find on the intel core i9 12900k destop Processor

Going for it would be great as you will learn more gaming and editing skills after purchasing it today and there’s alot up upgraded Features that you will benefit from the Intel core processor.  .

Reason to buy Reason not to buy
Best fast Intel processor Not available in African


Basically this is the one of the recommended Processor that can satisfy your individual needs. It has the best price,best CPU socket, LGA, Best CPU speed,and Intel core i9. Buy now and enjoy the best features and experiences.

The Intel core processor Features and details explained.


This realizes ultra-high performance. Also this has nice OC tolerance. In my env, even without special cooling, all the cores could be fixed at 4.7 GHz and stably used regularly. As with the price of the processor itself, the total cost of the system, such as X299 mother, non-GPU built-in, Quad Channel memory, etc., tends not to be high.

I used the Nocture D15, (it’s a beast) If you go this route, make sure it fits in your case, and your memory sits under it, If your running two GPU’s SLI, (or actually Now NV-Link) look at a PSU around 1200 or more. That’s what I have. I Got my 2066.


In my env, even without special cooling, all the cores could be fixed at 4.7 GHz.

I finally got around to having my PC upgraded from a previous generation CPU to this one, after I got it for about half original list. I have a lot of gadgets running, and at idle, the cores are relatively cool, and the CPU consumes barely 10 watts. Haven’t pushed it to see the power consumption when it’s really working.

I installed it on an EVGA X299 FTW K motherboard, with 64GB of 2666 MHz memory. That’s the fastest memory this CPU is rated for.

I use an Arctic Liquid Cooler 240 II for cooling. It’s pretty quiet.

I had Best Buy do the honors, I’m thinking they have it blowing hot air into the case. I need to dismount it to see what direction the fans are blowing the air.

It fricken screams, supplier was excellent, got here on time, 18 cores, 32 processes, overclocks if you want it, stays really cool if you don’t but still fast as…

Price is up there, but when you build a machine you expect to keep it a few years now, so that price is split out over some time. I had my last dual xeon for 5 or 6 years, the top xeon is 3 times the price of this chip, plus you need 2, so this was the answer for the next few years.

3. CORE  

The best 18-core processor for LGA2066

Better, faster, stronger. This 18-core processor really delivers exceptional processing speed and overclocking power to Deep Learning prototyping. Although most of the training is done with GPU, having a multi-core processor is helpful to process large batches of data.

Optimization algorithms can take advantage of every single core to expedite exact and heuristic methods without the need of expensive servers. Using the optimized version of OpenCV for CPU delivers inference under 20 milliseconds and speeds of at least 30 frames per second.


I was able to get an overclock of 4.7GHz making me a chip lottery winner? The heat was not an issue.

My rig:

Motherboard: Asus Rampage VI Extreme Encore

CPU: Intel Core i9-9980XE (Paid $1027 only three weeks ago.)

CPU cooling: Corsair H100i Pro, 240mm (AIO set with push & pull fans (4 fans))

SSD: Samsung 970 Pro NVMe M.2, 1TB

RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 64GB DDR4 2800 (Next year upgrade to 256GB?)

GPU: Nvidia Titan X (Pascal) (Next year upgrade to Nvidia RTX 3090)

Case: CaseLabs Inc. Magnum MH10

Our Conclusion part

The Intel core processor i9 have a great quality Features. It’s a recommended Processor that can satisfy all your individual needs,the processor speed is something that you cannot seee in other Processor. The fastness make every part of your work accessible. Always return to our website for more best Technology guide.


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