Break down of concept of solmax and igniter 100 shares,( and igniter 200, based in U.K

Solmax gtoup is a marketing company of igniter 100 shares.They both based in UK, the co-founder,director and COO of igniter100  is Florence , he’s from Israel ,but he base in UK. Solmax igniter 100  has been existing since 2017, this company has a great plan to its members and to the world at large.

Solmax is a company that deals with shares,  they brought out an estimated amount of shares to sell to its members so the aim of selling the shares  to the members, is that it will go listing in UK stock exchange so after the listing the members we have the ability to sell their shares on  UK stock exchange, California market and make a big money from solmax shares.

Solmax group partners with so many other companies like igniter100, cryptocurrencies market and many great companies are partnering with solmax currently. When this company started in 2017 there share  price was 0.01 pens, but currently now  their listing has begun, so the current price of shares is 0.61 pencs but the aim of this company after the listing is that each shares will we be minimum of eight 6 to 8 pounds after listing.The best explanation of i200 business investment :


So those thath has opportunity has bought their own shares from solmax because currently they are not selling shares on igniter100 they have put a stop on it and upgraded to to igniter200,everything concerning investment on solmax Igniter 100 is still intact.

Then after the listing the listing will  last for some months, it just started this month,then it will last for some months like 3 to 4months before August 2021 every member of solmax igniter100 will start selling their shares on UK stock exchange and make a lot of money From there shares.10+ best business listing site in Nigeria | top location citation.

Breakdown of solmax igniter 200

Igniter 200 was launched on 1st of march 20-21 after they stop selling of shares of igniter100. The aim of launching this great company is to keep the good work of igniter100.

But igniter200 is different from igniter100 the difference between botht company is that ignitler100 are dealing with shares, why igniter 200 deals with  tokens, (Royalty point).The best explanation of i200 business investment : breaking down the solmax royalty point and SMG token price

Now this tokens will begins to increase after the lunch it was 0.01 currently as of now ,then their aim is that this tokens  will begins to increase,it will keep on increasing like bitcoin. So how many tokens you purchase will determines how much you will make when they tokens hit $1. Now let me just give you a hint of how this works.

For example you purchase 5000 worth of tokens on igniter 200 at the price of 0.01 then when they Token hit $1 definitely you are making like  $5000, so that is very simple and an amazing opportunity to the world.

Then as you are waiting for the tokens to hit $1 or above you will also receive your daily income from this company you will receive your earnings everyday, like it is Daily earnings.

So because of the tokens on  igniter200 is limited, they gave its members the grace of 150 days to purchase these tokens so after this 150 days no one can purchase it anymore and it can finish or it can get exhausted before then, depending how people demand these tokens.

Then after this 150 days they will tell you where to sell this tokens,yes it will be sold on cryptocurrency market which they will soon launch you’ll sell it there and make a lot of money depending the amount of tokens you purchase during this 150 days this is a great opportunity to the world and it is a real opportunity you can hardly see things like this anywhere.The best explanation of i200 business investment : breaking down the solmax royalty point and SMG token price

Solmax igniter100 and solmax igniter200 are doing there best in order to bring a good living to the less privileged masses.

So maybe if you are interested in this great opportunity you can drop a comment on our comment box,so we can add you to solmax group, where a lot of members are are, you can also ask your question there we will direct you. Join solmax what app group here if you want

some days you will be proud of yourself and proud of this  great company.Click to register on igniter 200 here


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