I dey jaga Jaga downloadMP3 – Dragon morien


Dragon by Morie, Morien is  an upcoming afro beat artist from Nigeria. Scroll down to download the music for free on our website.



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I dey waka no be small oo
I dey fire like a dragon
I like load like bottom oo
Ikebe super brokortom oo

I waka maitama to spain oo
I no hear word I wan obtain oo
I call my pastor to complain oo
Say na woman be problem oo

dey jaga jaga for the case oo
I dey sin and fornicate oo
I dey spend and I dey waste oo
I too get problem I dey craze oo
E be like say dem jazz me overnight oo

If I dey taste I must come back oo
And no be small cash I dey spend oo
And I must do I must to impress oo

Kilo’só baiby… mafo!

I no the waste time to shoot my shot oo
If money no dey I go borrow by force oo
Monday… Friday I dey sleep for club

I like to buy I no wan know the price
I dey wire wire my pocket oo
I dey beg for myself oo
I need help and deliverance oo
Gimme chance I wan repent oo
For woman matter I no pretend oo

I waste here!!!!!
I die here!!!!
For woman matter I lose my sense oo
I wait here!!!

I dey jaga for the case oo
I dey sin and fornicate oo


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