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Business is the dream for many citizen in entire world. every individual likes to call himself or herself a success in Business Field. so why wait read this blog to get all your queries about starting a business in Nigeria.

How you can start a business in a company,while working in the company in Nigeria.

Hello friends I want to discuss with you how you can start a little business in company while working at the same company, if there salary is not enough for your bill.

Here in Nigeria, most of the company that produces local soap, nylon, tissue and many more, there monthly salary is not upto $35, which is #12,600 in Nigeria money, which is very poor.
Now a person that pays house rent, Nepa bill,also providing food for themselves, after all this cost,you can’t even save pocket money for your self,at the end of the month.
Hope you’re following?

How to start a business in a company while working in the company.

This tricks had worked for me, when I was working in a company that produces soap and air freshener, before I got to the company, I have some little money that I use for my transport and my lunch,so along the line, I realised that this little cash would finish before i got paid before end of the month,so I need to use my brain to solve this.
And to solve it, I need to start saling something in the company, something that will solve people’s problem at immediate time.

See the business you can start.

Here are some business one can do in a company while working in the same company.

Saling of sachet water and recharge card;

This was what I was saling in the company, because I realised that these are what people uses every minutes of the day plus where they get it, is a bit far from the company,no one sales is around.

So I need to start saling it so that so that they can get it easily, by buying it from me, so I do buy many bags of sachet water from bus that sales sachet water, so after work is done,at the end of the day,I get like $5, as profit, which is #1,800 in Nigeria money. This is how I was managing what I have,in the company and it really helped me in times of savings.

Selling of fish roll and soya milk;


This is another stuff, that would yield money,I know you might be asking how you can produce it,calm down, there are people that produces and supply this stuff at low cost at different places here in Nigeria, you can go there and buy it in quantity and start saling it in the company, workers normally like eating something light,so that they won’t get tired of work,so this kind of thing is  what they really need to hold there body
If you start saling it their,you will never regret it. Remember to serve your customers like a king.
There’s many additional things which one can sale in a company such as biscuits,bread,gala, drinks and more many more.
This are some business, which one can do, while working in a company, you can choose any of these business, if your payment is still poor, so that you will be able to do savings at the end of the month and pay your bills.
If you try any of this business why in a company,it will reduces your burden of transport fare and at the end of the month you will realize that you are covering your day to day expenses, please don’t hesitate to take action if your monthly salary is not good enough for all your bill, kindly choose any business of your choice, from the once I have mentioned on this post above. Thanks for reading this article,I Know it added a valuable thing in your life.

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