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Best idea how to write business proposal  Nigeria

1. what is a business proposal

2. Types of business proposal

3. How to write a business proposal

4. Business proposal ideas

5. Business proposal examples



what is a business proposal (how to write business proposal in Nigerian)

A business proposal is  a formal document that is created by a company and provided by a prospect with the purpose of securing a business agreement.

Types of business proposals

Business proposal are in two types; “unsolicited and solicited business proposal.”

Unsolicited business proposal:

This business proposal,you have to meet a customer with Proposal, even if they don’t ask one to gain gain there business.

Solicited business proposal:

Solicited business proposal are  requested by a prospective clients.

The company always ask for request for proposal (RFP).

“Whether the proposal is solicited or unsolicited,the steps to make a proposal are similar. Always make make sure you include this three main point. A statement of the problems the organisation is facing, proposed solutions and pricing information.”


How to write business proposal

1. Start with page title.

2. Make a table of contents.

3. Explain your reason in executive session.

4. List the need or problems and solutions.

5. Tell your potential qualities and make space for signature.


N/B: “Before writing your business proposal, it’s important to understand the business you’re writing the proposal for”.

But if they have sent you Request for proposal (RFP) ,try to understand what they actually need and the solutions. If possible try to have a meeting with the new client to know more.How to write business proposal in Nigeria

1.Start with a page title

Share basic information such as your name, business name,the date you summited the business proposal and the name of the client or citizen you submitted the proposal to.

2. Make a table of contents.

A table content will enable your potential customer or client  to easily understand the cover of the business proposal. Client can easily navigate through the contents and also move from one section to another with easy steps, when you use it electronically.

3. Explain your reasons in executive session.

At this point you have to give a tangible reasons why your business is better than others,why you’re sending the proposal and how you will solve the organisation challenges you are sending the proposal to.

In summary you have to give a clear idea on how your products or services will help the company or your prospects most importantly.

4. Explain the problems and share the solutions.

Letting the organisation to understand there problems is very crucial, giving them a clear understanding concerning there needs.

Then offer them a reasonable solution to there needs. Let them know what you can offer, let them know how you will propose the solutions to there needs.

 5. Share your qualifications and make space for signature.

Share your qualifications to your prospects by letting them know that you’re qualify on the business with a clear understanding. Giving them a good reason why they should trust you and how you will solve there needs.

Provide a signature box for the client to sign and let them know that exactly they are agreeing to when they sign.

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Business prosal idea


1. Start with an outline.

2. Include data and visuals

3. Make it simple.

4. Make a decision for them.

5. Stay on brand.

1. Start with an outline

To produce an effective business proposal,make sure you have written down what you have set to achieve. It enable you to work according to your business.

2. Include data and visual

Including data and visual content on your business proposal enable you to look different from other businesses. One of the best way to do that is to include hard.

3. make it simple

There’s no other way to write business proposal, so you don’t have to cross the line or to add all the business have to make your words very clear and understandable to the view of your prospects.

4. Make the decision for them

Decide what you want to offer to avoid objection. By thinking above and beyond there xpectations.

5. Stay on the brand

Stay unique and truly even if   your prospects company is about to shine through yours. Let them understand the different between you and others.

Business proposal examples.


1. Web design proposal

You need to understand your client website. You need to know what the website needs, that’s the features that can make it more effective.

2. Seo proposal 

Letting you prospects to know what they need to have so that there website traffic would increase more.

3. Sales proposal 

You have to let the client to know and use an easy template that can be easily navigate to the customers. Plus the overview of the website it is very important.

4. Marketing proposal

Break down the issues,solutions,strateges, goals and cost of this attractive and easy to read template.

5. Business Consulting proposal

The proposal plays a very crucial roles.You can break down the price, show off your theme with bold template.



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