How to submit site map on search console full step


Generating and submitting site map of a website is very important.

And it is very simple to generate and summit your site map and it doesn’t take up to 20 minutes to it get done and dusted. So I’m going to show you a few steps on how to generate and submit your site map on Google search console and it only take 24 hours for this to be indexed on Google.

How to generate and summit your site map on Google search console

Firstly you have to generate the site map now to generate this site map click on the link given to you here  or click and paste the link on your browser

Or you can copy and paste it on your Google search box. Now when you click on this link it will lead you to a page where you will put your website URL shown on the screenshot, after putting your website URL then you click on generate sitemap .

immediately you click on, it will be generated immediately. Now click and copy the code that you just generated, just copy it and move straight to your blog site and login on blogger.

Now after you login on your brother go to dashboard click on search preference, then click on custom robot  text,just click yes and paste the code you just generated on Sitemap page and save it.

Second step on how to summit it on Google search console

Now on the same blogger dashboard,  just before the custom robot text, you will see a Google search console ,click on edit shown on the screen shot, then it will Direct you to search console page where you will put your site  address,option will be given to you domain and URL prefix.

Click on URL prefix and put your site address and summit it.


Now after you have submitted it, on search console dashboard,click on it which is located at the left hand side, you will see site map click on site map, now you will be given a space to paste the codes you generated on sitemap page.

Just paste the codes starting from the address of your website copy it , starting from the address of the website and paste it here and submit it and then it will write succes.


That means you have successfully submitted your site map on Google search console.

Now you have to wait 24 hours before your website will be indexed and Crawl on Google search engine, but most of the times it can take up to 48 hours, but if it takes 48 hours you couldn’t find your website on Google, you can send them email on their website support.

So after 24 hours, you have to check on Google,if your website is really index on Google,but if you don’t know how to it on Google,see how to check it How to check an indexed website check the post before this one ,check the last post before this, I  discussed,deliberate and show few steps on how to do that , so then you can follow the steps and check if your website has been indexed and can crawl on google  after 24 hours or ,48hours.

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