How to Save a website on your home screen,Find it in a way


How to Save a website on your home screen? if this Question rises in your head, then you are in right place. The easy way to access your website or any website you found interested without searching it on Google search box or any browser, is to add and save it on your phone laptop home screen, which enables you to access so easy next time.

Now I Will show you the steps on how to add and save a valuable content website on your home screen, in case of next time while visiting,you can easily follow your home screen to access the website very fast.

How to Save a website on your home screen:- Steps to add and save  a website on your home screen

Now you are in a particular page, reading and collecting some information from the page,now you might not be able to find the page or remember the page URL address while visiting it next time, or you have not finish up the article  you are reading from the website, now the best thing to do is to add it on your phone or computer home screen. Now see the easy way to add it up.

How to Save a website on your home screen:- Easy steps to add and save a website complete guide


How to Save a website on your home screen STEP 1

On that  page you are reading right now and you want to save it, you can use my website as an example. Now at the left top of your browser, there’s a symbol  that looks like a full stop, that is at the right side, on  top of your browser beside your search box that looks like this( …) In a vertical way, shown on the screenshot . Now click on it,it will bring out many options, such as new tap,new incognito tap, bookmarks,recent tap, history, download,share, find in page,add to home screen, request desktop site, settings,help and feed back.Now click on add to home screen.

How to Save a website on your home screen Step 2


Now after you have lick on add to home screen,it will pop up, showing the the name of the article,site you are reading currently plus alternative like cancel and add,now click on add,it will successful added  and saved on your  phone or computer home screen.

How to Save a website on your home screen STEP 3


Now if you check it on your home screen,it should be there,but if where you found it is not convenient to you,you can easily drag it to the place of your choice on your phone or computer home screen,you drag it by long pressing where it was added on your home screen to a place of your choice. This is how it works, very simple to do. Now you can easily enter the website through your phone home screen or computer home screen.

There’s another additional way to save a website on your browser ,by saving it on your bookmarks but is not really good to be saved their, because it can clear at any time and you easily lost the site.But it’s very simple to do the stuff.

  1. Here is the easy guide to do it


On the same page you want to save,you will also click on the full stop ( …) that’s in vertical way, now at the top of it, there are some shapes ,and symbols that are there,now click on the star 🌟 symbol,after you click on it,it should turn to blue color,now it has  saved on your browser bookmarks by starring it plus it will write bookmarked.
Now it’s successfully saved on your bookmarks on your browser history, congratulations you did it.😀👍

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