How to put a stop on crashing Android phone




Compatible apps is one of the things that causes a crash on Android phones.

If you are a Android user phome,you will notice that most of the apps don’t perform their features like they used to this is one of the things that causes crush on some Android phone

This crash are mostly common to  some of thebapp that uses Gmail address because they has webview integration


   Webview integration

Android webview integration is a tool that allows a developer to integrate a page into their app. So any Android phone that has this integration, that is 70% of the phone to crash.


            How can I fix it?

Well there’s no official fix as of now,but google had just dropped a statement concerning the issue of Android crash,saying that they will look into it and find a solution to it.

Now to do this on your Android phone by yourself, you need to do this on your settings  app,tap on the app category, then search for Android system webview click on the three dots on the right side of your screen click on uninstall, now it will remove the update that is closing crash on your Android phone.

Now the app will come back to the normal level of it and the Android crash will stop.



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