10 best ideas to make real free money online 2021: how to make money


Looking how to make  money online why you’re home for free. Now I’m going to show you a mind blowing ideas that can give you free real money online,from home.


Sonshinefx.com  is a website dedicated to help people to make money online with free stress. Without out spending much time, now let me teach you how to make money online using your Smartphone or pc.

how to make  money online from home; top tips.

No matter your skill set, no matter what you do now or did in the past, there is an option that will align with your own skills and passions.http://How to make money


 Best tips to make money today’


1. Create a free money making blog

What do you like doing,are you an expert at a particular thing,now is the best time to turn your passion into huge real money.

Create a free blog site,post your skills ,teach people how is been done on your blog.  See how to make your own blog for free Create your own making money blog from home.

Here are some of my friends  free blog that have been given them alot of dolllars daily.

Arrowversestories.com is a free blog when you visit the website you will observe that the domain is still in blogspot,he based in u.k here.

Myworldofankara’sblog Is also free blog,she blog on lifestyle and travel. This is her passion and she’s making alot of money from it. Myworldofankara based in Kenya, she’s a Kenyan blogger.

How to make money online why  blogging from home;


1. Teaching people some skills through your blog,you get paid with there subscription.


2. Sign up on Google AdSense, connect your website on it and apply for ads on your website.


3.  Advertising people’s brand on your blog can get you free money online.


2. Transcribing work for cash online

Transcription work are paid per hour. Are you good and very fast in typing? Then is a best work for you. Transcription work is very simple, when you listen to an audio file through headphones you type it out.nothing much about it. The Time spent on transcript work is influenced by the audio quality, background noise and the rate at which people speak.

I will recommend you company that hires transcriptionals,you can check it here Rev.com.


3.Creating videos on how to 

Nowadays many people prefer you tube to Google. Visual content is more understandable but it might not give you all the information you needed.

Creat a video on how to do a particular thing. If you don’t have any idea,you can do research on you tube.

“Type how to on search box on YouTube”.

Before doing your video, know the volume search of the the topic concerning “how to” make sure you take the one that has alot of  daily or weekly searches.

Make videos on it and publish it on YouTube channel using the title.


4. Internet research and survey

Internet survey and research can make you a huge of money which you’ll never believe. Doing survey on some website like Euruka

Doing some task like answering some questions, giving them business tips that can contribute to their website or business growth. After you have completed a section of questions, you will be rewarded in dollars which you can cash out antime to your bank account or PayPal account.

Other recommended site like this are app you make money why  you watch videos and play music on the app.

5. Teaching work earn money for free

Can you teach a particular subject? Then you are about to earn huge from it. During the pandemic, everything was online scholars and students do everything online. You can open a group  and teach people  alot of things they need to know in the group.learning from group is very nice because the weather be conducive.

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