Top 5 best tips to generate revenue from music industry : how to make money from music as a young artists in Nigeria


The music industry is one of the largest industry in world. Also the movies. many young artists are still coming into industries, which makes it to boom every day, learning  how to create revenue from  music to amazing.


The young upcoming artists are facing alot of challenges, which includes how to make money from their music,(music monetisation), how to make there music to reach  many people in the state, country and Globally.

I noticed that, there are many talented upcoming musicians,that has alot passion in music and get what it takes to sing a good songs,but the issue is nobody can hear or see there song to listen.

Now on this blog post I will show you what you need to do as an upcoming artist, in order to get what you actually want from your music career. Your music will reach many people, you will also make money from it as well .

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Best guide to generate revenue from music.

music career

As we all know that most of the upcoming artist don’t have much money to finance there music, but with the help of this guide, many people will get to know you and your music.


1. Social media handle (Instagram and Facebook account)

How do you do this on  your Facebook and Instagram handle? Now relax let me show you how it works.

2. You need YouTube channel

Having a YouTube channel will help you rise. Because you will get to know more popular artist which will like to collaborate with you. Plus you can monetize your YouTube channel on Google AdSense program,ones Google AdSense approve your channel,you make money from your YouTube channel ones people start watching your YouTube music videos. YouTube pays according to each views.

3. Through appearance (going show)

As a new upcoming artist you get to work hard to bring good and interesting music  so when people hear and listen to ths music they will be force to know you and invite you over to some places…like clubs hotels,ooccasions etc.

You get paid through all this means,so that’s why is important to do your best to make a good music that the audience will enjoy.


4. Through streaming :


You can make  money as a young musician through streaming, how does it work? Now when you put your music on some trending music apps ,such as apple music,audio mack, Spotify Etc.

Now at this point any stream you get, you make some money from your song.

5. Through performance Royalties 

Now when you want to drop music,, you  need to collaborate with top popular musicians to features them, this can make your music to go viral and you will be well known after collaboration.

You can also make money from it when industry like movie industry uses your song on their movie shooting,they pay you then you approve them to use your song on there movies.




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