5+| Top Best steps how to fix low value content in AdSense: using smart phone


Looking for best way to fix low value content in AdSense? Here is the best way to resolve low value contents from your website.

What is low value contents and how do i fix low value contents 101?


Low value contents are articles or post that doesn’t add effect to your customers or website users. Low value contents can be in many ways,google adsense sees low value contents as;


• Lack of long and many post on your website


• lack of unique post or contents that are many in Google.


• contents that doesn’t have high number of Searchers on Google.


• posting ones in a while on your website.


• lack of post, even when your website is under review on AdSense.


Low quality content in AdSense can easily be caused by the following things I just mentioned above. Most times Google AdSense are not specific.when they gave you rejection feedback saying low value contents found on your website, then you have to check and apple this steps plus make sure your website theme can easily be Navigate and friendly, because not all theme accept Ads.


Lack of long and many post on your website.

Low quality content in AdSense

How often do you make a long post on your blog site? Making steady and long post is very crucial on your blogsite. At least let your words be above 600 words. Google AdSense sees short post as low value contents,they believe in long post,they believe that long post can be effective and the writer of the blog post knows what  he or she is writing on there website.so this is one of the reason why you should make at least 600 words and above in other to overcome rejection that says low quality content in AdSense. Hope you’re following?

Lack of unique post or contents that are too many in Google


I believe that a new blogger should have alot in  there heart before beginning to blog. I could remember clearly that before I started creating this blog site, I already had a lot of post made already,about 5 to 6 post is made,so immediately I created my blog I started posting them immediately, because I chose my passion as my niche.


What Causes  lack of unique post is when you’re writing on what you have little or no idea on, you can easily take post from someone’s website which can cause lack of unique content and the more  you write it the more other blog write it then it will be all over the Google. So you need to be specific about your blog you can frame your own niche and start your blog.

Anything you are good at, frame it as your blog niche then educate people about it.


Contents that doesn’t have high number of search on Google


Considering the search volume of your content is very crucial. That’s why it’s important to know about keywords research. You don’t just wake up and start making a blog post, Google AdSense are looking for post that a lot of people search on Google,so you need keywords research in other to know the post that are suitable for you in Google search engines.Best keywords for content writing

Google AdSense believe that when you make a high search volume post,it will increase your blog traffic and it will also add value to the users which will prevent you from having low quality content in AdSense.

Posting ones in a while on your website


Blogging needs hard-working,it requires time dedication, commitment, focus, taking it as your own business. A lazy someone can never blog and see results. Most people that host there blog on WordPress doesn’t understand the need to post everyday.

Someone that creates there blog on blogspot.com  is free even if he didn’t post everyday, except you’re on news or entertainment niche. But as long as you are wordpress you have to make at least a post each day. Posting steady help Google AdSense to understand that yes this website is very active and working. So you have to make quality post steady, take this as your business.


Lack of post even when your website is under review on AdSense


Most people believe that ones they apply for Google AdSense, they have to stop posting contents on there website until they get feedback from AdSense,no it’s false Idea!! And you have to change it from your mind even though your mentor thought you that it’s very wrong.

Even if you have not been on your website before, immediately you apply for AdSense review, Don’t ever miss a day with out publishing at least 2 or 3 contents a day it’s a must, this is a hidden secrets that’s the reason I disclosed it  at the end of this post so those that are willing to read to the end wI’ll grab it.

Many people have been doing such mistakes and that’s is the reason why they got rejected everytime they apply for adsense.

Make posts before applying, under review also post as much as you can in order to resolve low quality content in AdSense.

Low quality content in AdSense


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