How To Delete Someone’s Instagram Account Full Guild

Not everyone can handle hearing the truth about themselves, especially if that truth comes from an anonymous account on Instagram. That’s why if you have ever had your heart broken by someone who would rather turn to social media to bash you than talk it out with you, then you probably have felt the need to get revenge on them and have their Instagram account deleted.

While getting someone’s Instagram account deleted will not guarantee they see the error of their ways and apologize to you, it will certainly put some fear into them and cause them to think twice before they do anything like this again… so let’s get started!

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Step 1 – Block & Report

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been targeted by an online bully. When dealing with cyberbullies, it’s important to remember that they have no idea who you are. To them, you’re just a faceless profile picture that deserves a taste of their venomous words.

The first step is to block and report them; if enough people can report and flag their comments for bullying behaviour, most platforms will delete their accounts for being repeat offenders.

Step 2 – Screenshot Abuse

A recent update to Instagram now allows users to upload screenshots of private messages that people have sent them on Facebook, Twitter, or their direct inbox. That’s right—if you think a direct message is too unsavoury for public consumption, you can block your recipient from ever sharing it with anyone else.

Step 3 – Use the Unfollow Method

This method is a little risky and doesn’t always work but it’s also worth a shot. This is all about timing and depends on whether your follower has recently followed you. Usually, if someone follows you it takes time for them to go through their feed so they can like and comment on other people’s pictures. So when they just start following you, there will be a gap where they aren’t like anything yet.

Step 4 – Contact Them Directly

This isn’t as simple as it sounds. If you know their direct email address or phone number, and you are certain they will listen to you, then go ahead and send them a message. But if you’re not 100% sure of their email address or phone number, your best bet is to try one of these other options first.

Step 5 – Legal Action

Even if you’ve taken all other necessary precautions, it might be worth talking to a lawyer before taking legal action. Depending on what country you live in, you might have protections against defamation or copyright infringement; but even so, these situations are complicated. It’s best not to make any rash decisions that could potentially come back.


The final step is just as important as all of the hard work that came before it. After sending out your professional email, tagging them on Twitter and commenting on their posts, never stop promoting. If they don’t respond within 24 hours, send another email or message through social media. If they still don’t react, try at least every few days until you give up.

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