Top 10 Best Idea to Own a Business Paypal – How to create PayPal Account in Nigeria

Looking for how to creat paypal acccount in Nigeria? Having your own PayPal account to wire funds is not as hard as you think. See few steps to own a verified working PayPal account, which you can use to receive and send PayPal funds to anyone in any country 1000%, without the use of VPN. how to create Paypal account in Nigeria.


Things you need to have, before creating a standard working PayPal account 💯💯%


1. Your mobile phone or pc (laptop)

2. Bank card, master card or visa that’s not yet linked with PayPal account.

3. A valid email address that’s not linked with PayPal account.


So guys with three things, you can easily create your own working payPay account that can send and receive PayPal funds all over the world.


why you should  have your own PayPal account: how to creat paypal acccount in Nigeria

PayPal funds are mostly used online, for instance,purchasing stuff online,sending funds internationally no Matter the country and receiving funds from countries over the world with payPay account, you can receive money from all continent around the world.Blogging as a student :4 Best tips to be successful as a beginner

How  to create  PayPal account in Nigeria.

Now you need to sign up here by clicking the link

1. Listen when trying to sign-up on PayPal don’t visit there website direct,use this link for proper registration in Nigeria.

2. After you have entered on PayPal website, click on the side bar and click sign up. Then the next page which will ask for account type,I will advise you to go for business account, because it has an effective results.

3. Now you have chosen your PayPal account type, the next level is to add your Gmail account. Now add your email address,make sure it’s a valid email address plus not linked with PayPal account yet.

N/B  Any information you’re putting on your account details, should be yours  and correct, to avoid unnecessary issues when running transactions with your PayPal account after registration.

How to create paypal acccount in Nigeria

4. Next step is to  put your main details for account registration. Now put your original phone number, irrespective of your country. Now use the information on the screenshot ,such as country, address, name, Postal code, then after that you have to agree with there terms and conditions policy by ticking on the box.

Now after you have filled the form and click on next page to continue, it should lead you to a page where you will fill your personal details,such as your nationality,date of birth, personal identification and i.d number, postal code etc. it’s also shown on my screenshot.


After you have put the right information,tick the box and continue now you have successfully completed creating your PayPal account, but  you have take one more step before it will start working by linking it to your bank card mentioned earlier on this post.

How to link your payPay account to your bank card


1.When you login to your PayPal account using your email and password used to create your PayPal, click on my  PayPal.

2. Look up then you will see 2 in red,then click on it, it will pop up for you to click on the link And confirme your credit or debit card.

3.After you have put your details, click on link card. Now Paypal will deduct about $1.95 from your bank, this money will return in 24hrs, they are doing it to make sure you are the owner of the bank.How to create paypal acccount in Nigeria

4. After this  verification, your bank will send you code  in order to verify your PayPal account, copy the 4 digit code ,shown on my screenshot.

5. After you have copied it, login to your payPay account click on confirm my debit or credit code, now put the four digits code and confirm. Now when you go back to your  paypal account dashboard it will write verified, congratulations your PayPal account is fully created and can function very good.


Now  this information will show you how to creat paypal in Nigeria. you can easily create a cool working PayPal ACCOUNT that can send and receive funds all over the world.

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