How to create a blog site within few minutes


Blogging is one of the cool business one can do online.

Do you want to create a blog site or are you looking for a way to create a website, but you don’t really know how to create it for your self. Right now I will show you the complete step on how to create a professional website.

What is that your website all about? Are you creating it for business or do you have passion in blogging. You know one thing you most know and put into consideration before creating a website, is to know the main intentions of the website, you need to know whether is for business, or you wanna blog for passion.
If you are blogging for passion, look for it and work towards it, definitely you will be successful in it. Without saying a much words guys ,let me go straight to the point.

How to create a blog

Firstly you need to sign in on go to Google type and just sign in. Then after that you need to go to blogger dashboard at the left side and click on create a blog, then you will be given a space to fill the name of your blog I will also show it on screen shot.
And the name of your blog is simply means the blog niche , when I’m talking of the blog niche, it means the blog’s name or your blog name, if  may be is for business and technology blogging tips, entertainment , news blog  and diet.Anything that the blog is all about that is the blog need to put it there at the place that was given to you to write the name of your blog. Looking at the screenshots ,I wrote business and technology blog so you need to write your own as well.


Step two then after you put your blog description, that’s your blog name, then you click on next ,after you click on it ,the next page is where you have to put your blog address , that’s how you want your URL to be that’s your blog address, at this point you can easily choose anything of the choice as your blog URL even your name can be your URL.
After you have put your blog URL, now you can click on save button. After you click on save ,wow you just own  a blog congrats buddy,you have created your own blog site, happy blogging life.🤝


Now you can visit your blogger dashboard to arrange some certain things for yourself remember ,note this layout on Blogger dashboard is simply where you can edit or remove or drag anything on your blog shown on the picture.

3 simple tips to make your blogging journey so effective

Your passion

Write many content before creating a blog

Let your content be friendly to users of your blog

    Your passion

These strategies will make you  not to give up on blogging journey easily. Blogging your passion is one of the tips that will make you to be successful in times of blogging,because the more you blog the more you are passionate to it,the more you are moving further. So I advise you to find your passion before creating a website because it will really help you to go far in blogging. There are many things to blog on ,there many topics there are many things thousands of description ,thousands of Niche to choose, so why choosing a description for your blog site try to choose the one you are familiar with the one you can tell all about it ,the one that you can focus on it ,no matter what happens on the process of blogging, thank you.

Write more content before creating blog

Writing content before creating a blog is very sweet I use myself as an example, I could remember before I started my blog I have almost 10 to 15 contents standby before I created this blog actually it really helped me because that 15 post or content it took me like 4 to 5 days to post it .To post all on my blog so before that 5 to 6 days I have written almost three or four post to post again, so getting post stand by before creating a blog site,it reduces over stress or over typing when you website is ready for post.


Friendly content

Friendly content is very important I must say this even Google adsense also look at it while applying for Google adsense. So while writing a post on your blog or website try to make it to be so easily to understand try your best to make your content to be Google friendly it is very important because it will make your website  to rank on Google it makes you to rank higher on Google and you can easily get access approval with friendly content even the users of your website can stay long and it reduces the high rate of bounce rate on a website. so guys please try your best to make your content to be Google friendly because it will actually help you in many ways,thank you.

Thank you for reading this article I really appreciate your effort and your time. On my next article I will be dealing with on how to apply some certain things that will make your blog to look unique and professionals so stay connected stay tuned, always come back to  check our website and also read what others are reading on this website that can change your life, including business ideas ,blogging ideas , and Best diet preparation tips, website is working diligently in order to make sure their users enjoy their best offer.




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