How to Check Dick’s Gift Care Balance 2022

Have you received a Dicks gift card for the holidays, but want to check your balance? It’s easy to do if you know how and where to look. This step-by-step guide will show you how to check your Dicks gift card balance online or at any Dicks store nationwide.

You’ll learn what to look for on the back of your card as well as which numbers to call to find out if there’s money left on it before you go shopping. Follow these easy steps and never overspend again!

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About Dick’s Gifts Card

Dick’s Sporting Goods’ gift cards are available in a wide variety of designs and denominations, which makes them easy to purchase and fun to give. When you order online, you can choose from over 500 different styles. Gift cards arrive via standard mail within 5-7 business days of purchase and are valid for up to five years after activation. You also can track purchases made with Dick’s Gift Cards online with a unique code on each card.

Checked dick's gift card
Check Dick’s gift card balance

Step 1: How To Order a Dick’s Gift Card Online

Gift cards are available at every Dick’s Sporting Goods store and on our website. You can order them over the phone by calling 1-888-846-9997. If you have a Dick’s Plus membership, you’ll be able to order online and pick it p in-store for free. To get started, head over to our Gift Cards page and choose from several designs.

Step 2:How to Check Your Balance

Most gift cards contain a barcode or an access code that can be used to check your available balance online. You may need to create an account to use these tools, but once you’re signed in you’ll be able to instantly determine if your gift card is still worth something. Just type in your card number and PIN code and you should see what’s left on it; usually, balances will appear after entering just a few pieces of information. If all else fails, call customer service!

Step 3: How to Redeem Balance in Stores

If you want to use your Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card for in-store purchases, head into any of their retail locations and ask a member of staff at checkout at Universal. You’ll need to hand over your card and show identification before receiving payment from staff. Keep in mind that you may be able to exchange cash for it as well; if you have questions about specific store policies, just give them a call ahead of time.

Step 4: How to Check Dicks Gift Card Balance Via Phone Number

If you prefer not to do an online lookup and want a more straightforward way of checking your Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card balance, then you can always call customer service and speak with a representative. There is no fee for calling during regular business hours (M-F 8 am-8 pm EST), and if it’s off-hours or you need help via another method, there are still ways around that, so contact information is provided below.

Step 5: Check Dicks Gift Card Balance on Receipt

Check your receipt for one of two numbers: a gift card number or a gift certificate number. If there are no such numbers, proceed to Step 6. If you have either of these two numbers, proceed to Step 7.

Step 6: How to Redeem Multiple Dicks Cards at Once

It is possible to redeem several gift cards at once. Here’s how it works: Let’s say you have three $25 Gift Cards that you’d like to use in one transaction.

You would proceed by clicking on Place Order, then proceeding through Step 2, Step 3 and up until Step 4. In Step 4, instead of entering just one code, enter all three codes separated by commas (for example XXXX-XXXX-XXXX). At checkout, you will see all three amounts deducted from your total! If only two or fewer cards are entered into our system at checkout they will be applied as individual transactions.

How to Redeem Dicks Gift Card For Cash

If you have a Dicks gift card, you might want to redeem it for cash. This is a very simple process and only requires that you follow a few steps. To begin, please read below so that you can learn how to redeem your Dicks gift card for cash.

Please also keep in mind that if you no longer have your original receipt or packing slip, there will be fees attached for money orders or checks redeemed at store locations. If possible, bring them with you when coming in! If you are looking to redeem your Dicks gift card for cash, simply visit any Dick’s Sporting Goods location near you and present your gift card at checkout.

You may also call 1-800-934-6937 (this number works regardless of where you purchased your gift card) and give them information from your gift card as well as payment information to get a refund sent back to you via check.

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